Friday, May 19, 2017

Memories of Things that Last

This morning when I first woke up I looked across the bedroom, as I always do, and saw this picture.  And though I see this picture every morning and every night before sleep, this morning  it suddenly took on a new resonance inside of me. And what I realized was that resonance is the memory that surrounds it.  

I was twelve years old, and it was a Saturday. I know because I had just gotten my allowance, and I always got my allowance on Saturday.  This was in the 1950s, and my weekly allowance was a dollar.  That actually was a respectable allowance in those days. I never let money burn a hole in my pocket, so I hopped on the bus with a good friend, and went downtown to spend some of my allowance. A dollar went a much further back then.  

Once downtown, my friend and I began our spending spree in Weinstock's Department Store.  I noticed that there was a sign up on the Mezzanine that said ART SALE, so we took the escalator up and stepped into a magical realm of Art. MY heart burst open being in the presence of so much beauty. Then, as I stood there mesmerized, my eyes fell on this picture that was on the top of stack of unframed prints. I was a dancer, and I loved horses, so, of course, it stole my heart. I wanted it, but I was quite sure that little girls couldn't buy art. So, I left it behind and began looking at the other art. But everything else paled in comparison to "my picture" So, I started thinking of ways that I might  convince my parents to buy it for me. 

It was called "After the Performance" and to make it even more desirable to my romantic twelve-year-old, the artist's name was Marcel Vertes.  A French painter. That was just the best. I just had to have it.  But how?  

Then my friend pointed to a sign right above the stack. "Special - Art Prints $1.00."  My heart leapt. Oh, my goodness, I could have it.  I could buy my very own piece of art. And so I did. I proudly pulled out my dollar and paid the clerk, who rolled it up very carefully and put it in a fancy sleeve. 

I took it home and put it up on my bedroom wall with scotch tape.  And I woke up every morning and saw it, and my heart was so happy. The only problem was that the scotch tape didn't hold such a large heavy print, so I had to keep putting it back up, and finally after a few months I gave up.  I put it under my bed, and  just sort of forgot about it.  

But it wouldn't stay under my bed for long.  On my thirteenth birthday, my Uncle Joe, who was my adopted grandfather, and who was a painter, surprised me with my picture framed in it's beautiful gold gilt frame.  He told me that my love of art deserved to be honored. He was the most special person in my life. We often painted together in his backyard. So, this was a perfect gift from him for my budding artist.  

My Uncle Joe died seven months later.  My first great loss.  

So, each morning now, in 2017 when I wake up and see the picture I don't just see a picture that makes me happy. I live that magical day that I spent my own money to buy it, and the day my Uncle Joe framed her, and the day I lost him.  

It is these memories that we carry all our lives that  make us rich. 

Blessed be,
P.S.  I just googled this picture and the print is selling today for $100.00.  

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Messages from the Divine Mother Earth

The Divine Mother has asked me to share some of the messages that she speaks to me with you, because She wants you to know how much She loves you. Who is the Divine Mother, you ask? Ahh, my darlings, She is the Spirit, the Essence, the Emanation, of our magnificent Earth. And you, me, and all of us, are Her beloved children.

What She wants me to share with you today is that you, Her beloved child, brings your own unique expression of Her to the mosaic, the fabric that makes up our current, past, and future world. And She wants you to know that She is here to help you express your gifts in the most beautiful and powerful ways possible. She says all Her children are an interwoven network that we call humanity, but She simply calls Her family.

She has told me that in Prehistoric times we all spoke with Her constantly in our daily lives. We knew She was our Mother, and we didn't go out to hunt, or to gather, or to prepare food, or to weave a basket, or to partake of a meal without first asking for Her blessing. And unlike in later times when we built huge statues to the gods that we looked up to in awe, we instead made tiny likenesses of Her that we carried with us out into the fields, or set next to us while we cooked. The men carried these tiny replicas of Her in their pouches when they went out to hunt, or to find flint, or make arrows.

I have spent a lot of time talking to Our Divine Mother since I first met Her in England in an ancient stone circle in 1990. What I learned early on was that it is quite a bit different than talking to the traditional male God. It's easier, more gentle, and just downright friendly. She doesn't judge us. She doesn't punish us. She knows how difficult it is to be human and to evolve into kinder more loving and more peaceful people. From Her, I have learned deep levels of compassion, healing, creativity, and about the natural abundance that she has for us all.

In the beginning when I attempted to pray to her like I prayed to the Father God, I failed to make a connection. But after many attempts, I finally found that the pathway to Her was through my heart. I was trying to conceptualize Her in my brain and ask for Her blessing. I tried to hear her answers to my prayers with my ears. But I got nothing. Soon I began to realize that She was guiding me gently into my heart, and it was there that I finally made the love connection - deep in my own heart. We feel her, rather than see Her. We hear Her messages, not with words in our ears or brains, but through a language that I can only describe as pure love in our hearts.

The easiest way to feel the connection is, of course, in Nature. Just lie down on Her mossy stream bank, and listen to Her bubbling water dancing over Her smooth rocks, and feel the moisture of Her luscious air surrounding you. Then you will experience Her Love so very sweetly.

She wants you, and all of her Children, to have the richness and abundance of all Her goodness. She will teach us how to bring this about, if we just open our hearts to Her wisdom. She has lived through all the great catastrophes of history (Herstory). She can take us with Her safely through our current crisis. She promises me that we can use our brain power and her heart wisdom to develop all the sustainable technology that is necessary to create a new society of peace and love and abundance for us all.

Like any truly good mother, She shares equally with all of her children, and she makes sure the home is warm and welcoming. Trust Her. Listen to Her through your Heart, and do whatever tasks She has given you to help the family blossom and thrive.

Blessed be.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Create Your Magical Life

I hope you'll join me on the  Create Your Magical Life Telesummit on Wednesday, April 12. Click the link to register

What if you woke up every morning knowing that you had everything you needed and more and so did everyone?  

This is something that I ask my students and clients to think of every day. Because by just imagining it, or even trying to imagine it we are beginning to create a world in which we All have everything we need and more. I'll be speaking about his and more on Create Your Magical Life Telesummit on Wednesday, April 12.  

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving Meditation 2016 Link for Replay

Hello, my friends.  

Happy Thanksgiving.  Here is the link to the Thanksgiving Meditation.  Enjoy.  


Blessed be,

Albert Schweitzer said: "The greatest thing is to give thanks for everything. He who has learned this knows what it means to live. He has penetrated the whole mystery of life: Giving thanks for everything."

So, how do we do that?  In this time of uncertainty, when so much fear is running rampant, how do we open our hearts to this truth?  I asked myself that this morning.  I knew I wanted to host a Thanksgiving Eve Meditation and Prayer call tonight, and I wanted to be able to bring something to my beloved community that would help answer this question. 

 Thanksgiving be a truly a blessed event for you and for me and for all of us. And so I delved into the center of my own heart and asked for your guidance, and the answer that I felt come to me from all of you, because you/we are the channel for all truth and goodness, was that we all just want to connect in our hearts and feel the power of the Divine plan that we are all living and expressing.  And my heart burst open with love.  

So, I invite you, dearest ones, to join me this Thanksgiving Eve on a phone call where we will tune into the Divine flow of Love, Light, Goodness, and Abundance for All of our human family, in meditation and prayer.

We will connect heart to heart with light and love and share the joy of giving thanks for All that we are blessed with.  

Each one of us is a brilliant shining gem, a unique and perfect expression of Divine Love.  Tonight as a family of Light we will join in sacred prayer and in Light Energy Healing Meditation to first  heal our own hearts, and then pulse our Light, our Divine Love, through our community, through our towns, through our country, and through the world, and in so doing expand our hearts to receive great blessings from All that is Goodness. 

Please join me at 
5:00 PM PST - 8:00 PM EST 
to meditate and pray together. 
Call in number 641-715-3836  - Access Code: 967964

If you are unable to make the live call the link to the recording will be available here on the Blog.  

after 7:00 PM PST - 10:00 PM EST tonight 
and available all day Thanksgiving Day.  

Have a truly blessed Thanksgiving.

With my deepest Love and Gratitude for All of your love and support that you always share with me.  I love you. 


Friday, April 15, 2016

How to Bring Back Lakshmi and Abundance Into the World

THE GODDESS LAKSHMI – by Barbara Wilder

The Goddess Lakshmi is the expression of the Great Mother that represents all the luscious abundance that the Earth offers to humanity — nurturing abundance that flows with ease and grace from Her for the benefit of All. The legends say that all women of the world are forms of Lakshmi, and that where Lakshmi presides, there is prosperity, virtue, righteousness, truth, and compassion.
In one of the Lakshmi myths, Devendra, King of the Gods, carelessly allows his horse to trample Lakshmi's lotus blossom necklace. The great sage Durvarsa is so incensed by this lack of respect for the gracious Mother of All, that he puts a curse on Devendra so that he might never experience Lakshmi’s abundance again.
Inadvertently, this curse on Devendra deprives the entire Earth of Lakshmi's presence. Without the Goddess of abundance and compassion, the land becomes barren, bringing about great suffering. As food supplies begin to dwindle, only the wealthy kings who have great stores of food are unaffected. As the people across the land starve, the kings continue to feast from golden plates. This division between the rich and the poor pleases the demons that partner with the kings and celebrate and fuel their greed.
Eventually, of course, even the stores of food in the palaces begin to run dry. When they start to go hungry as well, the kings realize their folly and appeal to the gods to intervene and bring Lakshmi back.
The gods, recognizing that the Earth cannot survive without Lakshmi and her gracious abundance, send out search parties to find Her. They learn that she now resides under the Sea of Milk. The gods know she will not be brought back easily. They know she will not just come because the gods who had so easily shunned her want her back. Nor would the wishes of the powerful kings be enough to convince her to return.  It will, they realize,  take the power of all the gods, all the mortals, rich and poor, and even all the demons working together to churn the Sea of Milk to bring Her back to the Earth. The mortals are quickly convinced to join in the effort. But it takes much politicking for the gods to convince the demons to join.  Only when the gods promise that when Lakshmi is restored to Earth the kings will regain their wealth and once again turn to them to support their wars and greed do the demons reluctantly agree.
Everyone gathers on the shores of the Sea of Milk and using whatever implements they have brought with them, they all begin to churn. And they churn and churn for many days, but to no good outcome. Lakshmi does not appear. The demons are gleeful, and begin to depart rejoicing in the failure of the gods.  But just at that moment Lakshmi rises up out of the Sea of Milk, standing on a great fuchsia colored lotus blossom, golden coins, all the abundance of her sacred realm pouring from Her hands. She also brings the ambrosia to heal the land and infuse the Earth with Her riches once more. But, as the people and gods celebrate with great joy to honor and give thanks to their great Mother, the demons steal the ambrosia.  Lakshmi, disgusted with the gods’ and the peoples’ carelessness with her sacred gifts prepares to return to the Sea of Milk.
The great God Vishnu, the preserver of the Universe, has been watching, He cannot stand by any longer. He knows the immense worth of the Great Goddess and he also loves the people very much. So, disguised as a beautiful a seductress, Vishnu arrives, and Lakshmi recognizing Vishnu in feminine form, delays her departure. Vishnu coaxes the ambrosia from the demons, with the promise of sharing it equally between the gods, the mortals, and the demons. The demons give in, seduced by Vishnu’s feminine charms. Vishnu fills everyone’s cups with the ambrosia. But as gods and mortals celebrate the demons collapse in death. The ambrosia was the essence of pure love, and evil cannot withstand that powerful elixir.
At last, Lakshmi reigns as Mother of the Earth once more, bestowing all Her riches on the people of the Earth, Her beloved children. Instantly springs gush up through the parched earth, streams begin to flow, grass, trees, flowers, and vegetables grow, bloom, and bear fruit. The animals that have been dying in the wasteland drink from the new lakes and rivers and revive.  Lushness abounds throughout the earth.   

I must note here that the demons, so easily foiled in the Lakshmi myth, have yet to be overcome historically. But we all hold the ambrosia, which is pure love, in our hearts.  

Saturday, April 2, 2016

NEW! Video Blog - Transformation Talks with Barbara Wilder

Hi, Everyone.

I am excited to begin Vlogging here on my Blog. These are short talks about how to surf the emotional waters as we move through this powerful time of transformation from the old duality culture of domination and subservience into the new unity culture of caring, sharing and abundance for all..  This is the most exciting time in all of human history.  But letting go of old belief systems and patterns that hold us hostage takes some real emotional and metaphysical skills and support.

And working with meditation tools can be our greatest helper. I have worked with Light Energy Meditation techniques for forty years, and I know how they can soften our journey and open our hearts and minds to new and powerful levels of consciousness.  So, I am offering in this Vlog tips and meditations to help you navigate this exciting and challenging journey.


Blessings of love, light, joy, and abundance for All,