Sunday, April 10, 2011

Choose Love

This is the beginning of the new era. Many are saying that we are finally in the birth canal heading toward the great shift in human consciousness, and that it will be born on December 22, 2012. The Mayan Calendar ends on December 21, 2012. But I’m telling you as a woman who has birthed a child, by the time that child is in the birth canal, you know s/he’s present. There still may be a few more pushes, and the pain is excruciating, but there is no doubt that s/he’s a vital and living being. And that is what I feel we are experiencing right now.

But we must not fear the pain, we must embrace it the way the birthing mother embraces the pain, because she knows that it will end, and there will be a new life on the other side of the pain.

Everything right now seems to be out of whack. Nothing seems the same. Nothing is. We are living at the end of an era which will never return. We can choose to live in fear of what the future will bring, or we can choose to live in Love and Light. We are being asked to leap with faith into the NEW without having the foggiest idea of what the NEW is.

But if we choose Love, the power of our conscious choice for Love can only create more Love. And so as we choose Love we are throwing a lifeline created from Love out in front of us to hold onto as we move forward with the power of Love into a future of our choice, which can only be Love.
If we are in fear, and allow the fear to be our strongest motivator, then there is no lifeline to hold onto.

Yes, I know it’s scary. I know many people are in dire financial straits. Relationships are falling apart, sickness and loss are part of so many people’s lives. And the recent Tsunami in Japan is horrific, as well as the wars and uprisings around the world. But in the midst of all of this are signs of spring, of new life, of new found courage and strength, and people coming together to help one another. Loving one another is the answer, no matter what our differences.

We must stop hating right now! It is imperative. There is no more time for hate. Hate is just a byproduct of fear. When you choose Love over fear, hate melts away.

Forgiveness is imperative now. Forgiveness comes from the very center of LOVE. Forgiveness comes from compassion. Compassion comes from opening our hearts to our brothers and sisters all over this world. Take some time to think about someone that you have strong disagreement with, or someone you feel hate or anger towards, and then do a little meditation in which you imagine walking in their shoes. Then allow your heart to open to understanding , and voila! Compassion!

This is difficult, of course, but it is imperative now. I hear you saying, YES, BUT! Yes, but he hurt me so much. Yes, but she is so selfish. Yes, but he stole my money. Yes, but they blew up the World Trade Center. They created an illegal war. They bankrupted the country.

All of those YES, BUTS are rational. Hating is rational. Loving is irrational. It is a time for great irrationality. Has the world become a better place by hating each other, killing each other? Has one war ever brought lasting peace? Has hating one person ever made your life better?

It’s time. It’s time to Love no matter what. Love - not sappy greeting card love - Love that comes from the center of the Divine universe and channeled through you.

Love powers the entire universe. Choose it, and I promise  you will never regret it.

We must have some way to connect with the great Love of the Divine, and what has been incredibly powerful for me is to meditate daily with the White Light to help strip away the fear, anxiety, and stress that cause us to be out of the flow of Love. So, I’ve begun making White Light Meditation Videos to share with you.

This week’s meditation video is focused on helping release fear, anxiety and stress specifically. It is called appropriately enough 
White Light Meditation – Releasing Fear and Anxiety
Click her to view the Video Meditation

Remember that you are a Divine child of this Divine Universe. You have the power to choose Love and Light. You can create a lifeline of Love to throw out ahead of you each day. You are a Great Being of Light.
I Love you.
With hugs of Light,