Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bury Your 2014 Intentions in the Cave

 Bury Your 2014 Treasure Chest Here

On New Years Eve some friends and I decorated little wooded treasure chests and then wrote out our intentions for 2014. We placed our intentions in the treasure chest, then buried them in the garden at the peak of the New Moon to consecrate them in the Mother Earth and receive Her blessing for this wonderful New Year ahead.  

I have created this page so that you  can join in the fun and receive the blessing of the Divine Mother Earth for your magnificent intentions for 2014  

To join in just write your intentions in the comment section. Then just before posting take a moment to look at the picture of the moonlight shining into the cave at the top of the page. Sit with it for a moment. See yourself in the cave. Imagine you have a  shovel and  are digging a hole.
Now bury the treasure box in the hole, and cover it up with dirt. 

And then hit Post. 

Wishing you the very best Year ever.  

With my blessings too.