Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Coming Events - Embracing Your Power Woman Course

A Journey to Your Passion

Beginning in February 
in Los Angeles Area

Join Barbara Wilder for this exciting course based on her book,
Embracing your Power Woman: 11 Steps to Coming of Age in Mid-Life, to discover your passion, your power, your creativity, and your purpose in the second half of life. 

What do you want to do with the second half of your life?  Do you know?   Are you afraid life has passed you by? Are you angry that you're getting older? Are you confused and scared? Will there be enough money? Do you feel you aren't valued anymore"

...And at the same time are you sensing there is something wonderful just beyond your reach? Can you feel your heart beckoning you to become a brand new you?  

This program will guide you through powerful tranformative meditations and consciousness shifting games and exercises to release the fears, anger, and anxieties, and connect you deeply with your purpose and your passion, and lead you to discover the bright new future that awaits you no matter what your age.  
The Baby Boomer generation is in the process of creating a brand new stage of life between Menopause and Crone.

This time of life is a potent time for women to express our true potential.    
This stage is called our


 In the Course we work together in Circle to
Explore the Eleven Points of
enlightened Feminine Power
The Power of Self-Love
The Power of Creativity
The Power of Self-Trust
The Power of Courage & Ability
The Power of Health & Beauty
The Power of True Wealth
The Power of Our Own Direction
The Power of Partnership & Community
The Power of Authentic Leadership
The Power of Enlightened Success
The Power of Freedom


What You Will Gain from This Amazing Course
  •         More Self-love and Self-trust.
  •         Deeper connection with your spirit.
  •         Exciting new vision of your future.
  •         Connecting to your purpose & passion.
  •         New and expanded abundance.
  •         A new sense of freedom and joy.

Sign Up Today - 
Only 10 Spots Available


            Monday Evenings - Feb. 3 – May 5 - 6:30 - 9:30 PM 

Cost: $333 (includes the Book)  $300 if you Pay by Cash or Check.
                                                 (That's just $25.00 per three hour class)  

To Register and Get More Information
Call Barbara Wilder 
720-841-5820 or Email her                info@BarbaraWilder.com                   

Praise for Embracing Your Power Woman

Deepak Chopra says: This book teaches women to access and nourish their deepest selves.

Shirley MacLaine says: This is a required course for women, middle- aged and beyond whose voices need to sing. It is a life-shifting book/course for each of us to learn from.

Caroline Myss says: Embracing Your Power Woman is a dynamic, positive, and uplifting book for women seeking direction & courage in their quest to create an exciting and fulfilling second half of life. 


 “Barbara has a knowing that transcends time & space – taking you on a journey back to your own source.  What a precious gift for the feminine.  It has been a lifesaving drink in the desert known as midlife. Barbara is a bright star inspiring the 45+ generation”
                              Kathleen Krentz – Business Woman

“Since taking this class brand new areas of my work are unfolding almost effortlessly.  Barbara is a brilliant, compassionate and delightful teacher, who brings us back to the joy of being women.”
                                     Bea Enright, Yoga Teacher

“With Barbara’s perceptive & creative leadership I began to awaken to long forgotten dreams & a new sense of empowerment. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious.”
                                              Connie Redak, Florist


Barbara is an acclaimed author, speaker, spiritual teacher, healer, and coach. She trained for eleven years in the School of Actualism, a hermetic mystery school. She has been speaking on stages and leading workshops across the U.S. and internationally for the past 20 years, helping people open their hearts to connect with their potential and begin living passionate, purposeful, and prosperous lives. She brings her own life experience as a woman in the second half of life along with her training in self-actualizing and light-energy healing together in this course. She is the author MONEY IS LOVE: Reconnecting to the Sacred Origins of Money, one of the foundational works in the sacred commerce movement, EMBRACING YOUR POWER WOMAN: Coming of Age in the Second Half of Life, and the forthcoming CREATING A SACRED MARKETPLACE. She has appeared on numerous TV and radio talk-shows including programs hosted by Shirley MacLaine and has shared stages with Deepak Chopra, Eve Ensler, Elizabeth Lesser,  and many others. 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Finding Peace in Your Heart with Money

Barbara Wilder - The Adventure Continues - Love, Money, Spirit, and the Divine Feminine: Finding Peace in Your Heart With Money: Hello, dear Light Family, Happy Fall. Sorry I missed posting in September, I have been so concentrated on writing the new book,  which...

Finding Peace in Your Heart With Money

Hello, dear Light Family,

Happy Fall. Sorry I missed posting in September, I have been so concentrated on writing the new book, which is now simply called CREATING A SACRED MARKETPLACE, that the month just flew by. As I was looking through some old notes while working on the book and also preparing for my workshop in Santa Barbara on Oct. 12, (see below for more info on that) I found a little story that happened sevreal years ago that seemed so perfect for right now.

I was on route from Denver to Vancouver with a change of planes in Salt Lake City.  On the first leg of the trip I began jotting down some notes for the workshop. I found myself writing about how important it is to find peace with our money. I decided to add a new section to the workshop on the theme of peace in our hearts around money. I was quite pleased with this new addition. 

When the plane landed in Salt Lake City, I had to hurry to get to my connecting flight, and I was also very hungry, so I stopped to grab a salad to take onto the plane. I had to wait in line, and I was getting afraid that I was going to miss my flight, but I was starving. When I finally got to the counter I was anything but at peace. I got my salad and handed the cashier a twenty dollar bill. She gave me back change for a ten and not a twenty. When I told her about the mistake, she insisted that I'd given her a ten. To tell you the truth, I wasn't sure what I'd given her, so I just said I trusted her and ran to get my plane.  But I was going around and around in my head about how I was sure she'd shortchanged me. Once I got to the gate, looked in my wallet and confirmed I was right.  

As I walked onto the plane my stomach was churning with the awful feeling of being ripped off. And then it hit me, and I started to laugh. I realized that here I'd been writing all morning about being at peace in my heart around money, and I was doing just the opposite. I realized that in my rush to catch my connecting flight, I had not been at peace about anything. And had I been at peace, and had I been paying attention to my money I would have been aware of what I had given her. And on top of that, had I given her the Money as Love this never would have happened. 

As I sat down and buckled my seat-belt I began to think about the cashier. What was her story? She was probably working for minimum wage. Maybe she was a single mom with two kids at home. Every day she watched people going to far-off places, and she was there struggling to pay the rent. She may have felt that this fancy well-dressed woman owed her that ten bucks. As I created this scenario in my mind I realized that I knew this story, because it had once been my story. I had been a single mom and felt anger at people who had more than I had. Maybe this wasn't even her story. Maybe it was just my story. And maybe I still carried a bit of that story in my subconscious. I know that everyone and everything that comes into my life is a reflection of me and is there for me to learn from. 

The cosmic laugh was on me. I took a moment to breathe in the lesson and the wisdom I had just gained. Then I thanked the cashier silently for helping me to learn another piece of my ever evolving understanding of Money is Love consciousness. I forgave her and then forgave myself. I smiled as I felt peace around money fill my heart. By the time we landed in Vancouver, I realized that it was possibly the best ten dollars I had ever, not lost, but spent. 

I'm very excited to announce that I will be presenting a workshop in Santa Barbara, California with my dear friend Samavesha Gayatri-Devi. Here's all the information. For those of you who don't live close enough to attend, please share this information with your peeps in Southern California.  

What to bring. - A $20 bill to use in the ceremony that you will take home with you. 
And something to put on the altar of sacred abundance.   
or Call 805-897-3354



For those of you who are eagerly awaiting my new book,
 Creating a Sacred Marketplace, As I told you last time, it is going to be a bit longer than I expected.  The morning that it was supposed to go to press I woke up realizing that it wasn't complete. There was very exciting new information that needed to be included that came to me in the night, so I'm back to writing.

Now, as I continue with the rewrite I am so excited by the new insights and information that is coming through for me to share. Thank you for your patience, and I know that I am learning not just from my own personal inner masters and guides but also from the collective group consciousness of all of you. This new Marketplace will belong to all of us, because all of us are co-creating it.  Thank you for your partnership.  

Monday, August 26, 2013

Healing the Trees with Meditation

Hello, My friends and fellow Lightworkers,

A few days ago I was touched by a discussion on Facebook. My friend Malathy Drew posted that she had read in the Sierra Club Magazine that one third of the conifer trees in Northern California were dead or dying. As a great lover of trees this hit her hard. She couldn't really believe it, so she took a road trip up the coast and through the conifer forests, and what she saw was so devastating that she had to pull off the road several times she was crying so hard. Quite a few people commented on her initial post, reporting about dying trees in their local areas --Colorado, Austin, Texas, New Mexico, and the U.K. 

This is a photo that Malathy took that shows the dying trees covered with the white fungus that is killing them. 

I was about to comment that I didn't know what to say. That I didn't know what any of us could do. I felt helpless. Because, you see I am a tree lover myself. When I was quite young I lived on a beautiful piece of land in the Hollywood Hills that was home to a hundred year old eucalyptus tree. It's trunk was at least five feet in diameter. I  used to stand facing it, my body pressed up against this magnificent towering beauty, my arms outstretched trying to reach around it. Yes, hugging the tree. I was a tree hugger. Still am. And I remember to this day the sensation as I hugged that tree. I felt the incredible life energy running through it and into my body. Since that time I have hugged many trees. But the great eucalyptus will always remain my first great tree love.  

So, as I was about to write that I felt so helpless because I could do nothing, I suddenly stopped, because I realized that there was something I could do. After all, I am a Light Energy Healer. That is one of the main things I do in my life. I have helped heal people by directing Light Fire Energy into their bodies for many many years. I have healed animals and my house plants. Because by sending Light Fire Energy into living bodies the Light clears the dis-ease within the body/mind/heart/spirit and regenerates the life force. 

There are, of course, many different energy healing modalities. But Light Fire Energy is the powerful tool that I work with. 

And so, instead of feeling helpless, I realized I had the power to help heal the trees. I could do a meditation and send out the Light into the Heart Chakra or Center of this particular forest in Northern California. I knew it wouldn't happen with just one meditation, but I would have to make it my priority to do a healing meditation daily just for this forest. 

But then I remembered that I am not an Island. I am a member of a great community of light workers here on planet Earth. And though, perhaps the majority of people may not have as close a personal connection to trees as my friend Malathy or myself, we all need the trees, if just from a practical standpoint. Because, of course, without trees we would have no oxygen.  

So, I thought, what if I made a video of a White Light Healing Meditation for the Trees and posted it on Youtube and on Facebook and Twitter, and invited people to join me in sending Light Healing Energy to the Trees. I Imagined, what If several thousand people did the meditation? That much Healing Light Energy could make a real impact. And what if not just a few thousand, but a million people did the meditation. We could probably make a really big impact. And then as all these millions of people are meditating together, sending Light to the trees, the healing Light would be crisscrossing the globe, and everything and everyone in between would be receiving Healing Light.  And that much Healing Light could do more than just heal the trees, it could help heal our whole Earth and even ourselves. 

So, I went to my computer, and I recorded a little video with a Healing Light Meditation for the Trees.  And I am sending you the video right here. 

And if you can see the vision. If you are moved by the idea, please spend 10 minutes joining me in meditation to heal the trees. And, then, please share this post with as many people as you can. Because together perhaps we can help heal the trees, and the earth, and ourselves.  
White Light Healing for the Trees
 Thank you for joining me in the this vision and this powerful action.  

With much love, 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Wake Up to Your True Abundance and Enlightened Success

Hello my Sister and Brother Light Beings! 
What a day this is!  Over halfway through 2013. Unbelievable. Where did the time go? Did you think you'd be somewhere different by this time this year? Or are you exactly where you want to be? Are you feeling frustrated by time, or are you in harmony and dancing in the natural rhythm of time? Are you embodying your true abundance, or does is seem just out of reach? Are you shining in your enlightened feeling of your success, or are you feeling out of sync and not sure how to achieve success? 

Perhaps you're afraid that wanting success and abundance is not the spiritual way, not the path of the spiritual seeker. I know so many of us are bridled by thoughts like these. But these are the old fears and old expectations of the dying paradigm with its distorted definitions of success and abundance. We are in the process of discovering, uncovering, and co-creating bright shiny new expressions of success and abundance powered by LOVE.  

"True wealth is abundance that does not create scarcity." This ancient wisdom comes from the Talmud, says Rabbi Nilton Bonder in his terrific book, "The Kabbalah of Money."  If you bring this ancient concept into your own transformative meditations and contemplations, you may begin to remember knowing it always.  And yes, it is a deep truth, AND we are here to take it to greater depths and heights, to embellish it with the luscious abundance of a new and expanding age of immense abundance for All of us.  ALL of us. I can't say that too many times, because it's an incredibly difficult concept to understand.  

It takes radical imagination to open the doors in our hearts to the kind of abundance that includes each and every human being in every country, on every continent and in every village on the planet. We have lived so long in a paradigm based on the false concept that there is a finite and extremely limited amount of abundance in the world that our normal thinking processes cannot grok the actual truth that abundance, along with everything else in the universe, is actually abundant and is continually expanding. You have to take off your "thinking cap" to grok this one. The word "grok" was coined by Robert A. Heinlein in his remarkable book, "Stranger in a Strange Land." To grok something means to get it, understand it, comprehend it from deep inside your body-mind-heart-soul consciousness. 

We are in the throes of human consciousness actually expanding to be able to embody the truth of abundance for ALL. But old belief patterns are difficult to shift, and this pattern is so deeply ingrained in the collective psyche and thus our own personal psyches that it's a very tough nut to crack. What we are coming up against now is our innate, almost primal, resistance to change. So as the greater human consciousness is expanding our personal minds are screaming "No! It doesn't make any logical sense.!!!!" This internal tug-of-war results in physical tension, which in turn blocks the natural flow of abundance in our lives...And we find ourselves deadlocked.  

The only way to move past this static point is to release the rope. Let go of the tension, and we will be swept down into the rushing, pulsing, gushing, river of universal abundance.  

The voice that screams "No!" in your own head may be cloaked in old paradigm spiritual beliefs that held money and spirituality in separate worlds, making money and abundance part of the material world, and poverty holy and spiritual, such as the the Buddhist monks who travel the world owning nothing but his rice bowl or the Catholic monks and nuns who take vows of poverty. Or maybe the  the voice in your head is steeped in the belief that to be a good person you must think about the poverty stricken people throughout the world, and not have too much because it might take food out of their mouths. Your nay saying voices may be more personal, a parent telling you in childhood that you are not worthy of abundance. 

Each one of us has a litany of logical, cultural, and spiritual reasons that this is impossible, and that the only way to live an abundant life is to follow the rules of the old paradigm, hard work, really good marketing, a trust fund, winning the lottery, or dumb luck. Even many of the spiritual prosperity programs are still stuck in old paradigm ways.  

In my book  Embracing Your Power Woman I speak about the
Power of Enlightened Success . Of course, the concept applies to all people, men as well as women. We all long for success, but for many success has been just out of reach, or what seemed like success in the past feels empty and unfulfilling now. For other's the stress related to striving for success just isn't worth it. 

Enlightened success lives outside the realm of what we have considered success in the past. The old ways of achieving or experiencing success no longer serve the planet or the way more and more of us like to live on it. The competitive dog-eat-dog world one must leap into to achieve success in the old paradigm personally repels me. And when I look back at my twenty years in the film industry in Hollywood, I realize that that model of success was the major contributing factor to my failure to achieve greater success. I simply wasn't able to adjust my emotional senses to a setting that would numb me enough to play in that arena.
Enlightened success means moving into harmony with our life's purpose, relaxing into our own rhythm, and not trying to achieve something that others or even ourselves have thrust upon us. What our parents saw as success for us may be far from our own true path, and even what we have always thought was our big dream may not be what Spirit wants for us. Spirit's plan for us, is what we call purpose.  

Our own Spirit from the moment of our birth is always urging us along the path of our purpose. But because we forget what that is when we come into this world, we must learn to listen to and follow the signs from Spirit. This is the path of the Spiritual person. This is what it is all about, learning to come into alignment with our own particular Soul's expression. And when we can relax onto our own true path we experience what Enlightened Success feels like. And everything else that we thought we wanted to do or to be in our lives melts away, and our hearts expand with the joy of being successful.  

It's time for us to all to step over the threshold onto our paths of Enlightened Success or purpose funded by our True Abundance. 
We can't do this all alone. We need mentors and helpers along the way.  Because of this I have created a new mentoring/coaching program to assist. Read further to learn more...

NEW Private Mentoring/Coaching Programs

If you're ready to release the tension of resistance to 
YOUR True Abundance and Enlightened Success 

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Don't Stress into your Success.  
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 - You will learn to release the tension that holds you 
hostage in the old patterns. 
- You will learn to relax into your own rhythm.
- To let go of trying to do it "right."
- To Trust that you are always taken care of.
- To open to the flow of your effortless abundance.
- To surrender the resistance to your own wealth and success
- And be embraced in the arms of your own Spirit and finally feel at home and safe in your own SELF.

During our work together I will help you stay focused even as you learn to relax.

I will help you stay honest with yourself, so that you can recognize and embody your own brilliant truth. 

If you feel like this work could be right for you,

If you feel ready to make an investment in your abundance and your success,

Contact me to set up an initial FREE 15 minute consultation.

There are three levels of commitment. 
I'm sure you will find one that will fit your budget 
Your Abundance and Success are two of the most important investments in your life.  

Don't put it off any longer.  
The schedule will fill up quickly

Email me or Call me @ 720-841-5820 


For those of you who are eagerly awaiting my new book,

Money is Love - Creating a Sacred Marketplace, it is going to be a bit longer than I expected.  The morning that it was supposed to go to press I woke up realizing that it wasn't complete. There was very exciting new information that needed to be included that came to me in the night, so I'm back to writing. 

I'll keep you posted on my progress.  I'm confident that the new material will be worth waiting for.  


With great Love, Light, Abundance, and Joy....and, of course, Enlightened Success,



Copyright © by Barbara Wilder 2013

Monday, June 3, 2013

Barbara Wilder - The Adventure Continues - Love, Money, Spirit, and the Divine Feminine: Returning from My Retreat of the Feet

Barbara Wilder - The Adventure Continues - Love, Money, Spirit, and the Divine Feminine: Returning from My Retreat of the Feet:   Well, my dears, this is just the second blogpost since, I  had an incredible vision of what "true abundance" felt like and ...

Returning from My Retreat of the Feet

 Well, my dears, this is just the second blogpost since, I  had an incredible vision of what "true abundance" felt like and within thirty seconds had fallen and broken my right foot and my left ankle. That was in February of 2012.  Oh, my, the things that have happened since then.  First let me say, that I assumed as I lay there on the sidewalk unable to get up, and crying out for help because I’d left my cell phone at home, that this was a signal that I was to be quiet and lie down for a month or two and contemplate this new vision of true abundance while I recovered. But it didn’t exactly work out that way. 

I did, for sure stay quiet, and I did contemplate, but not for a month or two, but for almost a year. And as I sat in a wheelchair for five months of the year, I discovered that this wasn’t about recovering so much as it was about uncovering, discovering and transforming. I found myself on an inner journey that was one of the most powerfully transformative adventures in my life – a hero’s journey, into the depths of my own psyche. I have been doing inner work in the depths of my own psyche for decades, I had no idea there was still so much to discover, uncover, and transform.

People expected that I would use the time to write, but interestingly
I found words almost impossible to deal with. I usually write about ten pages a day in my journal. But during this time I rarely wrote more than a half a page. Instead, from the moment of the fall, I began painting, reveling in color and form. And it was a fall, not just onto the sidewalk, but a fall off a teetering old paradigm spiritual ladder down into the center of the Mother Earth and my own physical body, my temple of life. 

And it is from swimming in the deep muddy waters, rich with the juiciness of material life, that I have finally emerged, like a metamorphosed caterpillar, my new wings still damp and untested, but connected like a butterfly to both the magic and the reality of life on and with Mother Earth. 

Finally in February of this year, exactly one year after my fall, my writing voice began to re-emerge. Hesitantly and unsure at first, I began a simple project to update my book Money is Love: Reconnecting to the Sacred Orgins of Money, which I wrote in the late nineties, with the intention to publish the updated version as an ebook, and then look at what my next project would be. But oh my, the ideas of we mere human beings are so lovingly laughable to the Divine. 

Instead of a simple and quick updating, I found myself writing a brand new book that includes the original book with updates, but with a whole new focus. The new book is finally finished, and it will be published first as an ebook as soon as the artwork for the cover is complete, which should be in the next month, and then the ebook will be followed by a print book as well as an audio book. The new book is called Money is Love – Creating a Sacred Marketplace, and it is my first attempt to bring into form the vision I had of “true abundance” just before my fall. 

During the year that I now refer to as my Retreat of the Feet, I have thought so often of you all.  I found myself having amazing insights, and I’d think, oh, I have to write about this and share it with my community on the blog, but as soon as I’d sit down at the computer to write I’d realize that whatever insight I'd had had slipped away. And finally, I just gave up even trying to write to you, but you were often on my mind and always in my heart.

I know that 2012 and this first half of 2013 have been incredibly challenging for many. This transition into the new era, this experience of being part of “The GreatTurning” is not as easy as many of us thought it would be. Many of us, me included, thought we’d done all the hard work in the years preceding 2012, and in 2012 we would see the shift completed. Or if not completed, at least a breathing space, a plateau where we could put down our heavy loads and just relax for a bit. 

In some ways that was true for me, as I sat in my Retreat of the Feet, I did unload a great deal of old baggage, and I do feel lighter now. And I do feel that the energy of 2013, though, not a piece of cake, is a good deal lighter, and more fun. I see more people stepping out into the world again, and beginning to share the lessons of the past year(s), and connecting to begin to create this new community driven culture. 

Each one of us has our piece of the magnificent mosaic that will be the new era, the new culture of loving community.  We are each a flame shining into the heart of the dark shadows of the old paradigm. Carl Jung said, “As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.” 

This morning while I was journaling, which I am back to, but still painting each morning as well,  I looked across the room at my altar and saw two candles burning. For a brief moment I thought how nice that I had a matched set of candles, but I quickly remembered that I only had one candle on the altar, and the second one was a reflection in the mirror behind the altar.  But the reflection was as bright and shining as the actual candle. And I began to think about how each of us has the potential to be both the candle and the reflection. When we are shining our light it is reflected in others, who act as our mirrors and shine the light back to us. As each of us lights our own inner flame and moves out into the world we are lighting up the darkness of mere being. And I thought, ah, this is how “The Great Turning” is happening, by all of us shining our lights to the beautiful mirrors around us, and all those lights and reflections are lighting up the world. 

I am excited to be stepping back into the world, and I’m looking forward to connecting with everyone. Please leave comments here to let me know what has been happening with you. You can also  Visit me on Facebook  

 And please visit the Money Is Love FB page and LIKE if you haven’t done so yet. There is also a description of the New book there.
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I am inviting a few committed people to study with me privately. If you want to deepen your connection with your Divine Spirit, release old baggage that is holding you from moving more fully onto your true life path, open more fully to your abundance, find love and fulfillment in your life, please contact me BY EMAIL to set up a free fifteen minute consultation to explore what we might do together to facilitate your emergence into your magnificence. 

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Have a luscious day.