Monday, August 26, 2013

Healing the Trees with Meditation

Hello, My friends and fellow Lightworkers,

A few days ago I was touched by a discussion on Facebook. My friend Malathy Drew posted that she had read in the Sierra Club Magazine that one third of the conifer trees in Northern California were dead or dying. As a great lover of trees this hit her hard. She couldn't really believe it, so she took a road trip up the coast and through the conifer forests, and what she saw was so devastating that she had to pull off the road several times she was crying so hard. Quite a few people commented on her initial post, reporting about dying trees in their local areas --Colorado, Austin, Texas, New Mexico, and the U.K. 

This is a photo that Malathy took that shows the dying trees covered with the white fungus that is killing them. 

I was about to comment that I didn't know what to say. That I didn't know what any of us could do. I felt helpless. Because, you see I am a tree lover myself. When I was quite young I lived on a beautiful piece of land in the Hollywood Hills that was home to a hundred year old eucalyptus tree. It's trunk was at least five feet in diameter. I  used to stand facing it, my body pressed up against this magnificent towering beauty, my arms outstretched trying to reach around it. Yes, hugging the tree. I was a tree hugger. Still am. And I remember to this day the sensation as I hugged that tree. I felt the incredible life energy running through it and into my body. Since that time I have hugged many trees. But the great eucalyptus will always remain my first great tree love.  

So, as I was about to write that I felt so helpless because I could do nothing, I suddenly stopped, because I realized that there was something I could do. After all, I am a Light Energy Healer. That is one of the main things I do in my life. I have helped heal people by directing Light Fire Energy into their bodies for many many years. I have healed animals and my house plants. Because by sending Light Fire Energy into living bodies the Light clears the dis-ease within the body/mind/heart/spirit and regenerates the life force. 

There are, of course, many different energy healing modalities. But Light Fire Energy is the powerful tool that I work with. 

And so, instead of feeling helpless, I realized I had the power to help heal the trees. I could do a meditation and send out the Light into the Heart Chakra or Center of this particular forest in Northern California. I knew it wouldn't happen with just one meditation, but I would have to make it my priority to do a healing meditation daily just for this forest. 

But then I remembered that I am not an Island. I am a member of a great community of light workers here on planet Earth. And though, perhaps the majority of people may not have as close a personal connection to trees as my friend Malathy or myself, we all need the trees, if just from a practical standpoint. Because, of course, without trees we would have no oxygen.  

So, I thought, what if I made a video of a White Light Healing Meditation for the Trees and posted it on Youtube and on Facebook and Twitter, and invited people to join me in sending Light Healing Energy to the Trees. I Imagined, what If several thousand people did the meditation? That much Healing Light Energy could make a real impact. And what if not just a few thousand, but a million people did the meditation. We could probably make a really big impact. And then as all these millions of people are meditating together, sending Light to the trees, the healing Light would be crisscrossing the globe, and everything and everyone in between would be receiving Healing Light.  And that much Healing Light could do more than just heal the trees, it could help heal our whole Earth and even ourselves. 

So, I went to my computer, and I recorded a little video with a Healing Light Meditation for the Trees.  And I am sending you the video right here. 

And if you can see the vision. If you are moved by the idea, please spend 10 minutes joining me in meditation to heal the trees. And, then, please share this post with as many people as you can. Because together perhaps we can help heal the trees, and the earth, and ourselves.  
White Light Healing for the Trees
 Thank you for joining me in the this vision and this powerful action.  

With much love,