Friday, July 6, 2018

DREAMING IN PINK - Energy of Divine Love and a Meditation Video

Last night before bed I was contemplating what I wanted to share with you today.  And I got this very strong message from my Higher Self to write about a pale pink bedroom.  And because my Higher Self and I actually chat a lot, I asked, "Why on earth would I write about a pale pink bedroom?" And She said, "Think about it."  

With that I went off to bed. It was the 4th of July, and fireworks were still going off deep into the night. My dog, Gage, who's sixteen now, has developed a fear of loud noises and couldn't sleep, so I lay down next to him on the floor to help him feel safe. And while I was petting him I fell asleep with my head on his stuffed puppy

And wouldn't you know it, sleeping there on the floor with Gage I had a dream in a pale pink bedroom. I kid you not.  The dream started with me sitting in the middle of this pale pink bed.

I started out as a child but I kept shifting through different ages.  I looked around and everything was pale pink.  Everything.  

The curtains were pink.  There were pale pink candles on the pale pink dresser. There was a pale pink rocking chair. And a bookshelf with pale pink books.  A thick pale pink rug.  

I looked out the window.  It was a glorious sunshiny day.  The sun was streaming in the window and just beyond was a cherry tree in full pink bloom.

The room had a very gentle feeling about it.  Almost like being in a soft safe cocoon.  Safe, yes, very safe.  I snuggled down under the pink comforter, and it suddenly felt like I was on a magic carpet ride, but I wasn't going anywhere.  The room seemed to be moving, or more like flowing gently. Then I noticed that there were rose quartz crystals appearing on all the surfaces.  And they weren't just sitting there.  It was if they were growing up out of the furniture. 

  The sunlight, streaming through the window turned to pink.

And as I lay there staring into the Pale Pink Sunshine I heard a soft resonant voice say,
"This is the energy of the New Earth
This is pure Love.
Trust in the power of the Pale Pink Light, and you will not fail."

I woke up weeping.  I snuggled my head into Gage's sweet softness and felt pure joy.  
And, of course,  now I  knew why my Higher Self wanted me to write about the Pale Pink Bedroom.  

This morning as soon as I got up, I knew I had to make a Pale Pink Meditation video, so you can see and feel the richness of this Love - this vibration of the New Earth.  Enjoy.  And be Love.  Because this is who you are. 

Sending you much love, light, peace and joyful prosperity,

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You are already a great Being of Light, but it's easy to forget when faced with the "realities" of this troubled time.
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Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Several years ago I worked as a production finance executive for an
American film company in Italy. We were based in a studio just south of Rome. We shot mainly on a sound stage, but one Friday we had a location shoot in a forest not far from the studio. I went out to the set with per diem and paper work, and then joined the cast and crew for lunch. After lunch I hopped into my tiny Fiat Panda, and figuring that the road I came in on would eventually circle back to the main road, I headed out for a leisurely drive through this pristine forest.
I tooled along on the narrow one lane road enjoying the richness of the forest. There were no road signs and no traffic. I was alone in the forest primeval and loving it. After a while I came to a fork in the road. With no road signs I had to go with my gut. I took the left fork and continued on.
The forest was becoming thicker, and the road narrower. The sun barely peaked through overhead. I began to wonder why it was taking so long to get back to the main road, when I came to another fork. This didn't seem right. I looked at my watch, I'd been driving for over an hour. The drive to the set was only about fifteen minutes from the main road. I thought about trying to turn back, but
that seemed ridiculous, I'd surely be out of here soon.
I guessed at which fork to take and continued, but I was beginning to feel a little concerned. What if I didn't find my way out of here? No one would even realize I was missing to come to look for me. It was Friday. I was the lone American on the staff. It would be Monday morning before anyone would miss me. I didn't even know if I could remember how to get back to the set. It seemed that I was lost in a dark forest. (No cell phones yet.)
Then a light blinked on the dashboard. The low fuel light. Damn! Now, this was getting scary. I stopped the car to save gas and get my bearings. I was startled by some weird snorting noises then a huge jolt. No one on the road, alone in the dark forest, and now I was surrounded by a herd of wild boars, snorting and bumping up against my tiny car. My heart began to race. I had to get out of here, but there were three wild boars in front of the car. They were each about half the size of the car. I turned on the ignition and slowly inched toward them, but they didn't move. What was I going to do?
And then I remembered that I was a Lightworker. I had tools to use. I closed my eyes and did a quick little meditation with the white light, expanding the light around the car, and sending light ahead of me along the road. I opened my eyes and the wild boars in front of me were ambling away. YES!
I breathed a sigh of relief, but as I drove on the fear was still gripping my stomach, and I began to cry. As I cried, I felt my heart begin to open and connect with a power greater than myself. Please help me I whispered. Please. I drove on keeping my heart open and sending the light out ahead of me. Fifteen minutes later after a couple more forks in the road I found myself back on the main road. I was out of that dark forest and safe.
As I drove back to the studio I reflected on what I had just been through. And it occurred to me that as terrified as I'd been, I knew somewhere under all the fear that I was safe. That I would find my way out.
Wow! Such a memory. Still, decades later I can feel both the fear and the joy of the miracle of coming out safely. But also I remember that feeling deep down that I would be safe. Looking back now, I see it was a three part process. First, surrounded by the wild boars, I remembered to light my white Star and surround the car with Light and send Light onto the road ahead of me. Second I cried, letting go of the strain through my tears. And third, I called on help from a Higher Power.
Point One - Activate the Light and expand it.
Point Two - Let the emotions out - crying usually.
Point Three - Connect with The Higher Power through asking or prayer.
My story isn't unique. I'm sure you have had at least one time in your life when things were equal to or even scarier than my story. And somehow through a miracle you came out safely.
The Collective Mindset of Fear
For many years this three point process has worked well for me and my students, but recently I realized that there is an additional block to releasing the fear. And what I've found is that because of the current political situation and all its permutations there is a new level of fear. And it is the collective subconscious fear that is permeating the entire population.
This began during the 2016 campaign in the U.S. and then escalated after the election. Though what we are witnessing now in the U.S. is a necessary step in the evolution of the humanity, it is very difficult to navigate, and we need new tools and heightened awareness to stay steady.
We are literally in a dark forest in the collective subconscious, which is created and nurtured by group fear. Because of this each one of our own current personal fearful experiences is fueled, not just by our own fear, but by the collective fear that makes our own fears feel not only larger, but even often to the point of impossible to overcome.
In fact, many people are so frightened that they can't even imagine a good end to the worldwide expression of darkness and doom. And that is where this collective fear is anchored.
The news media keeps the fearful stories blasting at us 24/7. And on social media the people take all that fear and grow it bigger and bigger. The more you give fear a voice by talking about it, the larger it looms. And what we are seeing coming from this is an epidemic of stress disorders, anxiety, depression, Opioid addiction, and suicide.
But the truth is that even in this seeming darkness there 

is a Greater Power here

The Light is always greater than the dark. The Light dispels darkness. You just have to know how to connect with it, and then remember to use it to help you transform your fear and open to your own connection to the Higher Power.
You know deep in heart that you are connected to something much greater than this darkness. You are the Light and you come from the Light, and you have the power to transcend the mass-mind hysteria, and step into your bright power of goodness and love and abundance, and in so doing find your own peace and love and even prosperity. You just need a little Light to disconnect you from the lie and reconnect you to the truth. To the Love.
Light is the vehicle on which Love travels
To jump out of this cauldron of fear you simply need to create a Lighted field to live and play in.
This takes:
1 - A daily practice of meditation with the Light.
2 - Refraining from listening to the toxic news.
3 - Going on a diet of less social media.
4 - Giving up talking about how awful everything is. (This is a hard one for lots of people.) But the more you give a voice to fear and hate the louder it gets.

It takes some discipline and perseverance to do this, but oh, it's so worth it. When you choose to be in the Light no matter what the rest of the world is doing, you will find yourself living a miraculous life unhooked from the fear. And at the same time you will become a shining Light in the world that will begin to punch holes in the collective blanket of fear. You will become one of the enlightened leaders of The New Earth. We only have to heal ourselves to help heal the world consciousness.
Take your power back. Stand in your Light. Stop believing the false facts that Washington and Corporate America are spewing. Start believing in the part of you that will not let you die in the dark forest, but will bring you out to safety.
White Star Meditation
I've made a little Light meditation video that you can listen to daily to help you keep releasing from the collective fear and come back to your own Light. The meditation is just 10 minutes long. Enjoy.

And if you find you need a little help with this or any challenges you're facing, email me, so we can set up a time to chat. I work with the Light, intuitive exploration of your inner landscape, energetic transformation, along with just plain talking, in all my sessions. The first consultation is free and lasts for about 30 minutes.
Sending you much love, light, peace and joyful prosperity,

Monday, March 5, 2018

Love Letter from the Heart of The Great Mother

The Divine Mother speaks to us all the time, but we often don't hear her because she speaks to us through our hearts.  Listening from our hearts is tricky, because we have, to paraphrase Sting, built a fortress around our hearts and encircled them with trenches and barbwire. We listen from our brains to try to keep our hearts safe from just one more heartbreak.  But in doing this we miss out of the amazing love messages that the Divine Mother Earth is sending to us all the time. 

When we can open our hearts to feel/hear Her, we will also begin to open our hearts to hear all the other voices of love that are coming to us.  

One way that I have found to open my heart to the Mother, is by connecting with the beating of her heart.  Yes, the Mother Earth has a heart, and it beats a constant rhythm of life.  I first became aware of this while sitting in a Stone Circle in England.  I actually felt the pulsing rhythm coming up through the ground into my body and on up into my heart.  And at the  moment it reached my heart I witnessed a vision. 

I saw ancient women dancing around open pits of fire dripping with red paint or blood, some wearing deer heads with antlers. Behind them were drummers beating out the rhythm of the Mother's heartbeat. Everything and everyone was feminine. And what astonished me was the  fierceness I saw in the women's faces.  It was like nothing I had ever seen.  And I sensed through my heart message from the Mother - The fierceness was what these ancient women needed to help the human race survive in an untamed wilderness world. They danced and drummed with the Mother Earth to open their hearts to connect with her fierceness. And to become like Her. 

In the current era the Mother, the Divine Feminine aspects of the world/universe, is arising in all of us - women and men.  And it is Her fierceness - the fierceness of creation - that we must reconnect with to open the floodgates of our own brilliant creations and shift the our lives and the whole world into a new world of love, peace, and unity.   

Yes, the unenlightened aspects of the masculine energy is front and center right now.  Trump is playing his role perfectly to show us the worst.  This is good because it must be brought up into the Light of our creative awareness so that we can, with all of our brilliance, transform the corresponding aspects in our own psyches and become co-generators of the new Divine Feminine/Masculine marriage within ourselves, and thus, the world.  

One simple way to begin to connect with the heart beat of the mother is in a little breathing meditation.  


Close your eyes.
- Take a deep breath in to your lungs and hold it for ten seconds, and then slowly release it.
- Take another deep breath and breathe into your brain and hold it. And slowly release.
- Take one more deep breath in and breathe into your heart and hold it. And slowly release.
- Now just relax back into your normal breathing and put your attention on the rhythm of your breath for several breaths.
- Next put your attention on your heartbeat for a few beats of your heart, until yo can feel it pulsing in your chest and you feel its rhythm. 
- Now - think of the heart beat of The Mother Earth. And just by thinking the thought your own heart comes into rhythm with the heartbeat of the Mother.  
- Sit wth this for a few moments, you may even become aware of a surge of the Mother's power coming up into your body and heart.  

Do this once a day, and you will become more aware of this connection with the Mother's heartbeat, and that will begin to open you to so much more that She has to share with you through your heart.  

Have a luscious day.  Blessings.