Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Compassion, Men, and The Goddess


So, it's from this point that I can talk to both men and women today about Men and the Goddess with utter love. 

My brother and I have a very difficult relationship, and we were estranged for a number of years. Then there was an opening, and he reached out and invited me to spend Christmas with him and his wife. I was newly divorced and went on my own with quite a bit of apprehension.  I arrived late at night, and he was already in bed, which put off our meeting until the next day. But I was not prepared for seeing him before breakfast, which I did.  I ran into him in the hall very early. He was just wearing his boxers and a T-shirt. And at that moment I didn't see the fifty-six year old man, I saw the sweet six year old boy.  And my heart opened up to the remembered little boy. I'm his older sister. And the anger and hurt just melted. I'll never forget that moment. Love just burst out of me for him. And it was mutual, which was also a miracle. Love creates miracles. He and I silll live on opposite sides of aisle politically, which is extremely difficult for both of us. But what I saw that early sleepy morning was just pure Divine Masculine, before programing. And I saw it in him from the Goddess within me.  

Kuan Yin, the Chinese goddess of Compassion, is the Goddess who has been with me the longest on my journey into my deep feminine. She came to me in 1995 when I began working on Money is Love: Reconnecting to the Sacred Origins of Money.I wasn't aware of Her at first, but little by little she taught me enough compassion that my heart and then my mind opened, and I recognized Her. She inserted Herself onto the cover Money is Love, and has been with me for 22 years now. She is just one aspect of the Divine Feminine Energy that is available to all of us, women and men.  And these aspects are not just available, but they live within each of us.  But if you are new to the Divine Feminine aspects and their Goddesses within you, I recommend you start by connecting with KuanYin, because we all need to learn compassion for ourselves and then from our own compassionate self become compassionate toward others.  

The only way out of the negativity all around us and that keeps us all separated and afraid, is for us to have enough compassion for ourselves that we can look across the aisle, the border, the fence, the race, the nationality, the other, whatever the other is in your life, and have compassion for those who are not your tribe. This cannot be learned through our masculine inner selves at this time in history.  Right now, it must be learned through the Feminine, the Goddess, who is within all of us.  

Women, let Her heal you so you can become the strength of the Goddess.  

Men, open your heart and let the Goddess within you begin to heal your heart and teach you through Her soothing compassion. 
She comes directly from our hearts.  This is Her domain. You may see her as Kuan Yin, or Mother Mary, or your own Inner Nurturing Mother within.  She needn't have a name of be just like everyone else's idea of who She is. In fact, it's important to Her that She not have labels or cults.  

The Goddess is personal  

In ancient times the Goddess statues wereabout six to eight inches tall, and were carried in the pockets of the women as they gathered the food and with the men as they went out on the hunt.  She was  personal to each person. No one put Her on a pedestal and looked up in awe at Her. They felt Her presence with them always, and She was easy to talk to. To help in the harvest and in the birth of the babies, and in the death of the loved ones and in the cooking of the food, and building of the fire...every thing.   

Whether you are a women or a man you  can begin to connect to Her in meditation, or listening to music that opens your heart. You can find her all around you when you are in nature. She lives and breathes and nurtures us from evrey tree.  She is in our animals. Lie down on the floor with your dog and let your heart open to Her.  She loves to come through dogs. Give Her your attention for just ten minutes a day, and after awhile you'll begin to feel Her compassion in your own heart.  Ask Her for help in learning to nurture yourself.  Allow yourself to be healed by the Goddess within you.  

And if you need some extra help, I'm available to guide you on your journey to connect.  It's easy. Just email me at this address.    Reach out. I'm here.  I know the way. 

With so much light, love, and compassion,