Sunday, July 14, 2013

Wake Up to Your True Abundance and Enlightened Success

Hello my Sister and Brother Light Beings! 
What a day this is!  Over halfway through 2013. Unbelievable. Where did the time go? Did you think you'd be somewhere different by this time this year? Or are you exactly where you want to be? Are you feeling frustrated by time, or are you in harmony and dancing in the natural rhythm of time? Are you embodying your true abundance, or does is seem just out of reach? Are you shining in your enlightened feeling of your success, or are you feeling out of sync and not sure how to achieve success? 

Perhaps you're afraid that wanting success and abundance is not the spiritual way, not the path of the spiritual seeker. I know so many of us are bridled by thoughts like these. But these are the old fears and old expectations of the dying paradigm with its distorted definitions of success and abundance. We are in the process of discovering, uncovering, and co-creating bright shiny new expressions of success and abundance powered by LOVE.  

"True wealth is abundance that does not create scarcity." This ancient wisdom comes from the Talmud, says Rabbi Nilton Bonder in his terrific book, "The Kabbalah of Money."  If you bring this ancient concept into your own transformative meditations and contemplations, you may begin to remember knowing it always.  And yes, it is a deep truth, AND we are here to take it to greater depths and heights, to embellish it with the luscious abundance of a new and expanding age of immense abundance for All of us.  ALL of us. I can't say that too many times, because it's an incredibly difficult concept to understand.  

It takes radical imagination to open the doors in our hearts to the kind of abundance that includes each and every human being in every country, on every continent and in every village on the planet. We have lived so long in a paradigm based on the false concept that there is a finite and extremely limited amount of abundance in the world that our normal thinking processes cannot grok the actual truth that abundance, along with everything else in the universe, is actually abundant and is continually expanding. You have to take off your "thinking cap" to grok this one. The word "grok" was coined by Robert A. Heinlein in his remarkable book, "Stranger in a Strange Land." To grok something means to get it, understand it, comprehend it from deep inside your body-mind-heart-soul consciousness. 

We are in the throes of human consciousness actually expanding to be able to embody the truth of abundance for ALL. But old belief patterns are difficult to shift, and this pattern is so deeply ingrained in the collective psyche and thus our own personal psyches that it's a very tough nut to crack. What we are coming up against now is our innate, almost primal, resistance to change. So as the greater human consciousness is expanding our personal minds are screaming "No! It doesn't make any logical sense.!!!!" This internal tug-of-war results in physical tension, which in turn blocks the natural flow of abundance in our lives...And we find ourselves deadlocked.  

The only way to move past this static point is to release the rope. Let go of the tension, and we will be swept down into the rushing, pulsing, gushing, river of universal abundance.  

The voice that screams "No!" in your own head may be cloaked in old paradigm spiritual beliefs that held money and spirituality in separate worlds, making money and abundance part of the material world, and poverty holy and spiritual, such as the the Buddhist monks who travel the world owning nothing but his rice bowl or the Catholic monks and nuns who take vows of poverty. Or maybe the  the voice in your head is steeped in the belief that to be a good person you must think about the poverty stricken people throughout the world, and not have too much because it might take food out of their mouths. Your nay saying voices may be more personal, a parent telling you in childhood that you are not worthy of abundance. 

Each one of us has a litany of logical, cultural, and spiritual reasons that this is impossible, and that the only way to live an abundant life is to follow the rules of the old paradigm, hard work, really good marketing, a trust fund, winning the lottery, or dumb luck. Even many of the spiritual prosperity programs are still stuck in old paradigm ways.  

In my book  Embracing Your Power Woman I speak about the
Power of Enlightened Success . Of course, the concept applies to all people, men as well as women. We all long for success, but for many success has been just out of reach, or what seemed like success in the past feels empty and unfulfilling now. For other's the stress related to striving for success just isn't worth it. 

Enlightened success lives outside the realm of what we have considered success in the past. The old ways of achieving or experiencing success no longer serve the planet or the way more and more of us like to live on it. The competitive dog-eat-dog world one must leap into to achieve success in the old paradigm personally repels me. And when I look back at my twenty years in the film industry in Hollywood, I realize that that model of success was the major contributing factor to my failure to achieve greater success. I simply wasn't able to adjust my emotional senses to a setting that would numb me enough to play in that arena.
Enlightened success means moving into harmony with our life's purpose, relaxing into our own rhythm, and not trying to achieve something that others or even ourselves have thrust upon us. What our parents saw as success for us may be far from our own true path, and even what we have always thought was our big dream may not be what Spirit wants for us. Spirit's plan for us, is what we call purpose.  

Our own Spirit from the moment of our birth is always urging us along the path of our purpose. But because we forget what that is when we come into this world, we must learn to listen to and follow the signs from Spirit. This is the path of the Spiritual person. This is what it is all about, learning to come into alignment with our own particular Soul's expression. And when we can relax onto our own true path we experience what Enlightened Success feels like. And everything else that we thought we wanted to do or to be in our lives melts away, and our hearts expand with the joy of being successful.  

It's time for us to all to step over the threshold onto our paths of Enlightened Success or purpose funded by our True Abundance. 
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For those of you who are eagerly awaiting my new book,

Money is Love - Creating a Sacred Marketplace, it is going to be a bit longer than I expected.  The morning that it was supposed to go to press I woke up realizing that it wasn't complete. There was very exciting new information that needed to be included that came to me in the night, so I'm back to writing. 

I'll keep you posted on my progress.  I'm confident that the new material will be worth waiting for.  


With great Love, Light, Abundance, and Joy....and, of course, Enlightened Success,



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