Saturday, October 5, 2013

Finding Peace in Your Heart with Money

Barbara Wilder - The Adventure Continues - Love, Money, Spirit, and the Divine Feminine: Finding Peace in Your Heart With Money: Hello, dear Light Family, Happy Fall. Sorry I missed posting in September, I have been so concentrated on writing the new book,  which...

Finding Peace in Your Heart With Money

Hello, dear Light Family,

Happy Fall. Sorry I missed posting in September, I have been so concentrated on writing the new book, which is now simply called CREATING A SACRED MARKETPLACE, that the month just flew by. As I was looking through some old notes while working on the book and also preparing for my workshop in Santa Barbara on Oct. 12, (see below for more info on that) I found a little story that happened sevreal years ago that seemed so perfect for right now.

I was on route from Denver to Vancouver with a change of planes in Salt Lake City.  On the first leg of the trip I began jotting down some notes for the workshop. I found myself writing about how important it is to find peace with our money. I decided to add a new section to the workshop on the theme of peace in our hearts around money. I was quite pleased with this new addition. 

When the plane landed in Salt Lake City, I had to hurry to get to my connecting flight, and I was also very hungry, so I stopped to grab a salad to take onto the plane. I had to wait in line, and I was getting afraid that I was going to miss my flight, but I was starving. When I finally got to the counter I was anything but at peace. I got my salad and handed the cashier a twenty dollar bill. She gave me back change for a ten and not a twenty. When I told her about the mistake, she insisted that I'd given her a ten. To tell you the truth, I wasn't sure what I'd given her, so I just said I trusted her and ran to get my plane.  But I was going around and around in my head about how I was sure she'd shortchanged me. Once I got to the gate, looked in my wallet and confirmed I was right.  

As I walked onto the plane my stomach was churning with the awful feeling of being ripped off. And then it hit me, and I started to laugh. I realized that here I'd been writing all morning about being at peace in my heart around money, and I was doing just the opposite. I realized that in my rush to catch my connecting flight, I had not been at peace about anything. And had I been at peace, and had I been paying attention to my money I would have been aware of what I had given her. And on top of that, had I given her the Money as Love this never would have happened. 

As I sat down and buckled my seat-belt I began to think about the cashier. What was her story? She was probably working for minimum wage. Maybe she was a single mom with two kids at home. Every day she watched people going to far-off places, and she was there struggling to pay the rent. She may have felt that this fancy well-dressed woman owed her that ten bucks. As I created this scenario in my mind I realized that I knew this story, because it had once been my story. I had been a single mom and felt anger at people who had more than I had. Maybe this wasn't even her story. Maybe it was just my story. And maybe I still carried a bit of that story in my subconscious. I know that everyone and everything that comes into my life is a reflection of me and is there for me to learn from. 

The cosmic laugh was on me. I took a moment to breathe in the lesson and the wisdom I had just gained. Then I thanked the cashier silently for helping me to learn another piece of my ever evolving understanding of Money is Love consciousness. I forgave her and then forgave myself. I smiled as I felt peace around money fill my heart. By the time we landed in Vancouver, I realized that it was possibly the best ten dollars I had ever, not lost, but spent. 

I'm very excited to announce that I will be presenting a workshop in Santa Barbara, California with my dear friend Samavesha Gayatri-Devi. Here's all the information. For those of you who don't live close enough to attend, please share this information with your peeps in Southern California.  

What to bring. - A $20 bill to use in the ceremony that you will take home with you. 
And something to put on the altar of sacred abundance.   
or Call 805-897-3354



For those of you who are eagerly awaiting my new book,
 Creating a Sacred Marketplace, As I told you last time, it is going to be a bit longer than I expected.  The morning that it was supposed to go to press I woke up realizing that it wasn't complete. There was very exciting new information that needed to be included that came to me in the night, so I'm back to writing.

Now, as I continue with the rewrite I am so excited by the new insights and information that is coming through for me to share. Thank you for your patience, and I know that I am learning not just from my own personal inner masters and guides but also from the collective group consciousness of all of you. This new Marketplace will belong to all of us, because all of us are co-creating it.  Thank you for your partnership.