Monday, March 5, 2018

Love Letter from the Heart of The Great Mother

The Divine Mother speaks to us all the time, but we often don't hear her because she speaks to us through our hearts.  Listening from our hearts is tricky, because we have, to paraphrase Sting, built a fortress around our hearts and encircled them with trenches and barbwire. We listen from our brains to try to keep our hearts safe from just one more heartbreak.  But in doing this we miss out of the amazing love messages that the Divine Mother Earth is sending to us all the time. 

When we can open our hearts to feel/hear Her, we will also begin to open our hearts to hear all the other voices of love that are coming to us.  

One way that I have found to open my heart to the Mother, is by connecting with the beating of her heart.  Yes, the Mother Earth has a heart, and it beats a constant rhythm of life.  I first became aware of this while sitting in a Stone Circle in England.  I actually felt the pulsing rhythm coming up through the ground into my body and on up into my heart.  And at the  moment it reached my heart I witnessed a vision. 

I saw ancient women dancing around open pits of fire dripping with red paint or blood, some wearing deer heads with antlers. Behind them were drummers beating out the rhythm of the Mother's heartbeat. Everything and everyone was feminine. And what astonished me was the  fierceness I saw in the women's faces.  It was like nothing I had ever seen.  And I sensed through my heart message from the Mother - The fierceness was what these ancient women needed to help the human race survive in an untamed wilderness world. They danced and drummed with the Mother Earth to open their hearts to connect with her fierceness. And to become like Her. 

In the current era the Mother, the Divine Feminine aspects of the world/universe, is arising in all of us - women and men.  And it is Her fierceness - the fierceness of creation - that we must reconnect with to open the floodgates of our own brilliant creations and shift the our lives and the whole world into a new world of love, peace, and unity.   

Yes, the unenlightened aspects of the masculine energy is front and center right now.  Trump is playing his role perfectly to show us the worst.  This is good because it must be brought up into the Light of our creative awareness so that we can, with all of our brilliance, transform the corresponding aspects in our own psyches and become co-generators of the new Divine Feminine/Masculine marriage within ourselves, and thus, the world.  

One simple way to begin to connect with the heart beat of the mother is in a little breathing meditation.  


Close your eyes.
- Take a deep breath in to your lungs and hold it for ten seconds, and then slowly release it.
- Take another deep breath and breathe into your brain and hold it. And slowly release.
- Take one more deep breath in and breathe into your heart and hold it. And slowly release.
- Now just relax back into your normal breathing and put your attention on the rhythm of your breath for several breaths.
- Next put your attention on your heartbeat for a few beats of your heart, until yo can feel it pulsing in your chest and you feel its rhythm. 
- Now - think of the heart beat of The Mother Earth. And just by thinking the thought your own heart comes into rhythm with the heartbeat of the Mother.  
- Sit wth this for a few moments, you may even become aware of a surge of the Mother's power coming up into your body and heart.  

Do this once a day, and you will become more aware of this connection with the Mother's heartbeat, and that will begin to open you to so much more that She has to share with you through your heart.  

Have a luscious day.  Blessings.