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Barbara Wilder - The Adventure Continues - Love, Money, Spirit, and the Divine Feminine: Returning from My Retreat of the Feet

Barbara Wilder - The Adventure Continues - Love, Money, Spirit, and the Divine Feminine: Returning from My Retreat of the Feet:   Well, my dears, this is just the second blogpost since, I  had an incredible vision of what "true abundance" felt like and ...

Returning from My Retreat of the Feet

 Well, my dears, this is just the second blogpost since, I  had an incredible vision of what "true abundance" felt like and within thirty seconds had fallen and broken my right foot and my left ankle. That was in February of 2012.  Oh, my, the things that have happened since then.  First let me say, that I assumed as I lay there on the sidewalk unable to get up, and crying out for help because I’d left my cell phone at home, that this was a signal that I was to be quiet and lie down for a month or two and contemplate this new vision of true abundance while I recovered. But it didn’t exactly work out that way. 

I did, for sure stay quiet, and I did contemplate, but not for a month or two, but for almost a year. And as I sat in a wheelchair for five months of the year, I discovered that this wasn’t about recovering so much as it was about uncovering, discovering and transforming. I found myself on an inner journey that was one of the most powerfully transformative adventures in my life – a hero’s journey, into the depths of my own psyche. I have been doing inner work in the depths of my own psyche for decades, I had no idea there was still so much to discover, uncover, and transform.

People expected that I would use the time to write, but interestingly
I found words almost impossible to deal with. I usually write about ten pages a day in my journal. But during this time I rarely wrote more than a half a page. Instead, from the moment of the fall, I began painting, reveling in color and form. And it was a fall, not just onto the sidewalk, but a fall off a teetering old paradigm spiritual ladder down into the center of the Mother Earth and my own physical body, my temple of life. 

And it is from swimming in the deep muddy waters, rich with the juiciness of material life, that I have finally emerged, like a metamorphosed caterpillar, my new wings still damp and untested, but connected like a butterfly to both the magic and the reality of life on and with Mother Earth. 

Finally in February of this year, exactly one year after my fall, my writing voice began to re-emerge. Hesitantly and unsure at first, I began a simple project to update my book Money is Love: Reconnecting to the Sacred Orgins of Money, which I wrote in the late nineties, with the intention to publish the updated version as an ebook, and then look at what my next project would be. But oh my, the ideas of we mere human beings are so lovingly laughable to the Divine. 

Instead of a simple and quick updating, I found myself writing a brand new book that includes the original book with updates, but with a whole new focus. The new book is finally finished, and it will be published first as an ebook as soon as the artwork for the cover is complete, which should be in the next month, and then the ebook will be followed by a print book as well as an audio book. The new book is called Money is Love – Creating a Sacred Marketplace, and it is my first attempt to bring into form the vision I had of “true abundance” just before my fall. 

During the year that I now refer to as my Retreat of the Feet, I have thought so often of you all.  I found myself having amazing insights, and I’d think, oh, I have to write about this and share it with my community on the blog, but as soon as I’d sit down at the computer to write I’d realize that whatever insight I'd had had slipped away. And finally, I just gave up even trying to write to you, but you were often on my mind and always in my heart.

I know that 2012 and this first half of 2013 have been incredibly challenging for many. This transition into the new era, this experience of being part of “The GreatTurning” is not as easy as many of us thought it would be. Many of us, me included, thought we’d done all the hard work in the years preceding 2012, and in 2012 we would see the shift completed. Or if not completed, at least a breathing space, a plateau where we could put down our heavy loads and just relax for a bit. 

In some ways that was true for me, as I sat in my Retreat of the Feet, I did unload a great deal of old baggage, and I do feel lighter now. And I do feel that the energy of 2013, though, not a piece of cake, is a good deal lighter, and more fun. I see more people stepping out into the world again, and beginning to share the lessons of the past year(s), and connecting to begin to create this new community driven culture. 

Each one of us has our piece of the magnificent mosaic that will be the new era, the new culture of loving community.  We are each a flame shining into the heart of the dark shadows of the old paradigm. Carl Jung said, “As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.” 

This morning while I was journaling, which I am back to, but still painting each morning as well,  I looked across the room at my altar and saw two candles burning. For a brief moment I thought how nice that I had a matched set of candles, but I quickly remembered that I only had one candle on the altar, and the second one was a reflection in the mirror behind the altar.  But the reflection was as bright and shining as the actual candle. And I began to think about how each of us has the potential to be both the candle and the reflection. When we are shining our light it is reflected in others, who act as our mirrors and shine the light back to us. As each of us lights our own inner flame and moves out into the world we are lighting up the darkness of mere being. And I thought, ah, this is how “The Great Turning” is happening, by all of us shining our lights to the beautiful mirrors around us, and all those lights and reflections are lighting up the world. 

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