Friday, July 6, 2018

DREAMING IN PINK - Energy of Divine Love and a Meditation Video

Last night before bed I was contemplating what I wanted to share with you today.  And I got this very strong message from my Higher Self to write about a pale pink bedroom.  And because my Higher Self and I actually chat a lot, I asked, "Why on earth would I write about a pale pink bedroom?" And She said, "Think about it."  

With that I went off to bed. It was the 4th of July, and fireworks were still going off deep into the night. My dog, Gage, who's sixteen now, has developed a fear of loud noises and couldn't sleep, so I lay down next to him on the floor to help him feel safe. And while I was petting him I fell asleep with my head on his stuffed puppy

And wouldn't you know it, sleeping there on the floor with Gage I had a dream in a pale pink bedroom. I kid you not.  The dream started with me sitting in the middle of this pale pink bed.

I started out as a child but I kept shifting through different ages.  I looked around and everything was pale pink.  Everything.  

The curtains were pink.  There were pale pink candles on the pale pink dresser. There was a pale pink rocking chair. And a bookshelf with pale pink books.  A thick pale pink rug.  

I looked out the window.  It was a glorious sunshiny day.  The sun was streaming in the window and just beyond was a cherry tree in full pink bloom.

The room had a very gentle feeling about it.  Almost like being in a soft safe cocoon.  Safe, yes, very safe.  I snuggled down under the pink comforter, and it suddenly felt like I was on a magic carpet ride, but I wasn't going anywhere.  The room seemed to be moving, or more like flowing gently. Then I noticed that there were rose quartz crystals appearing on all the surfaces.  And they weren't just sitting there.  It was if they were growing up out of the furniture. 

  The sunlight, streaming through the window turned to pink.

And as I lay there staring into the Pale Pink Sunshine I heard a soft resonant voice say,
"This is the energy of the New Earth
This is pure Love.
Trust in the power of the Pale Pink Light, and you will not fail."

I woke up weeping.  I snuggled my head into Gage's sweet softness and felt pure joy.  
And, of course,  now I  knew why my Higher Self wanted me to write about the Pale Pink Bedroom.  

This morning as soon as I got up, I knew I had to make a Pale Pink Meditation video, so you can see and feel the richness of this Love - this vibration of the New Earth.  Enjoy.  And be Love.  Because this is who you are. 

Sending you much love, light, peace and joyful prosperity,

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