Thursday, September 22, 2011

Time to Put an End to Fear and Greed

"Let it be. Let it be. Let it be. Oh, let it be. Whisper words of wisdom, let it be." That's the song that has been going through my head for the last several days. I think I might add some new lyrics. "Let it fall. Let it fall. Let it fall, Oh, let it fall. There will be a healing, let it fall." There is an old Chinese curse that says, "May you live in Interesting times." Well, these are certainly interesting times. And you may be saying, enough already, with these interesting times. But you can also see this as a time for great celebration. The old ways are dying. They are literally falling apart. Politicians are trying to save the old, but there is no way. The old fear and greed economy is no longer viable. It is over. It's time for a change. Yes, a very big change. A change that is so immese that our poor little brains can't conceive it. But our hearts can. Our hearts have the capacity for great love. And it is great love that will heal our economic woes. Nothing more and nothing less
than Great Love. Great love for yourself, and for all your sisters and brothers throughout the world. This is what is called for now. And it's not easy. But this is what we are being asked to do. This will heal the crisis. So, it's a time for deep soul searching and deep heart healing. And immense trust in the sacredness of our holy universe.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Announcing Upcoming Teleclass - Prosperity from the Heart

                        PROSPERITY FROM THE HEART 
– A five week TeleClass on
How to Open Your Heart to Allow a Steady Stream of Prosperity into Your Life in the Midst of These Challenging Times
 Author of
Reconnecting to the Sacred Origins of Mone
Are you facing foreclosure or bankruptcy?  Do you fear you’ll never be able to pay off your debt?  Have you lost your job and fear you’ll never find another?  Do you fear if you leave a job that is stifling your soul that you’ll never be able to find another one in this hopeless job-market?  Are you afraid that Social Security will be cut off?  Are you afraid that you’ll die a bag lady or a homeless dude? 
If you answered YES to any of these questions this is the teleclass you have been waiting for!  

Learn  how to unhook from the collective fear around money, and tap into the abundant flow of the universe.  Money is Energy.  Energy is Limitless.  Therefore MONEY is Limitless, but only when it is infused with LOVE.
October 18th Event FREE

Love expands.  Fear contracts.   

This teleclass goes beyond the Law of Attraction and teaches you the tools to actually transform your thoughts and feelings so that you become the attractor of your wealth, while at the same time you learn to transform money into love so that it becomes something 
you whole-heartedly desire to attract.

There is a lot of talk about ascension these days.  In this teleclass you will learn to ascend right here on earth 
into the vibration of true wealth. 

“The Talmud says, ‘True Wealth is abundance that does not create scarcity.’” Nilton Bonder, The Kabbalah of Money   

FREE  Introductory Event

Tuesday October 18
 2:30 PM Pacific, 3:30 PM Mountain, 4:30 PM Central, 5:30 PM Eastern 

  Living in the Vibration of Love and Money 
Barbara will share with you her own stories of loss, bankruptcy, foreclosure and how she not only survived them all, but how she learned, grew and prospered from them.  She will talk about fear and how it is the poison the has crippled the worldwide economy, and show us how, by releasing our own fears, we can prosper in the midst of this worldwide economic failure, and even become bright lights to help others find their way onto the path to financial peace and serenity.    

FREE event on Oct. 18 is followed by 4 Week Class $197.00

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4 Week Course Outline
Class #1 – 10/25 - 2:30 PM Pacific, 3:30 PM Mountain, 4:30 PM Central, 5:30 PM Eastern
This class will focus on the history of money to give you a brand new perspective on what money is, and how you can reconnect to money’s original purpose which is to support you and your dreams.  We will begin the process of stripping away the fear that keeps you focused on lack and begin to nurture a new sense of love and abundance.   
Class #2 -- 11/1 - 2:30 PM Pacific, 3:30 PM Mountain, 4:30 PM Central, 5:30 PM Eastern
This class will focus on money as energy, and you will learn a Light Energy meditation technique that will help you disconnect from your old dysfunctional relationship with money and begin to create a healthy new relationship money.  You will begin to nurture the expectation that you truly deserve and are ready to live in prosperity.
Class #3 -- 11/8 -  2:30 PM Pacific, 3:30 PM Mountain, 4:30 PM Central, 5:30 PM Eastern
FORGIVING DEBT, RELEASING GUILT, RECEIVING ALLTHE MONEY YOU NEED – and DISCONNECTING FROM THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS AROUND THE ECONOMIC CRISIS.    This class will focus on the Three Gs - Greed, Guilt or Gut.  Using the techniques you have learned in the previous classes you will learn how to tune into how much money you actually need from a place of peace and trust.  You will learn to release both guilt and greed, and using your gut (intuition), become attuned to your true level of wealth.  You are a unique individual. Your wealth is not your neighbor’s wealth.   
Class #4 – 11/15 - 2:30 PM Pacific, 3:30 PM Mountain, 4:30 PM Central, 5:30 PM Eastern
This class will take you into a deeper connection with your own life’s purpose so that you can begin to manifest the wealth that will support that purpose.  You will learn that living a peaceful, joyful, and prosperous life is your birthright.  
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