Friday, February 24, 2012

Thoughts about the Lighted Grid and My Two Broken Feet

Hi, my dear friends,
So, one week before my birthday, Saturday, February 11, I was out in the beautiful Southern California morning walking, Gage.  He's my dog, if you didn't know.   I had just begun an intuitive painting class that week, and I had painted three paintings that morning.  One was simply the work Help painted diagonally across the paper, with a red dot in the middle of the "e".  I assumed that was, a request for Help from the Divinge universe.  I also had become aware that doing intuitive painting was opening up a pathway into my consciousness that was revealing beautiful new awarenesses that I had never known before.  So, knowing all this, I will continue.  While I was walking down my street, I suddenly felt my heart chakra open and fill with warmth, and the vision of people, all feeling like family, playing together in a field of gold and greenery and pure abundance of everything.  It was so incredibly sweet.  And it was a new sense of abundance that I had never before experienced.  As that continued to infuse me, I saw a beautiful Dogwood bush and looked over to examine one of the blooms.  At that moment my right foot hit a very large break in the sidewalk that rose up about 9 inches.  My right foot twisted causing my left foot to reach out in front of me to stop the fall, but there was another very high break in the sidewalk, like a small ledge, and my left foot landed right on it, and I fell foward over the ankle, and broke it.  Suddenly, after all this loveliness, I was lying on the sidewalk going in an out of consciousness with what I would come to learn was a fractured and sprained right foot, and a broken left ankle (both the fibia and the tibula).  I didn't have my phone, and there was no one on outside.  I realized all I could do was cry for Help.  And then, less than an hour after having  painted the Help in black with a red dot.  (for blood perhaps) I did just that.   

What happened from there was amazing.  An elderly couple passing in a car stopped.  She went up the street and got my neightbor, Dawna.  In the meantime the couple who lived in the house on whose sidewalk I now lay sprawled came out.  They tried to help me up.  He brought out a walking stick, but there was no way that I could stand on either foot.  The woman called 911, and a fire truck arrived, as did my neighbor Dawna.  The firemen made a cardboard splint for my worst foot and carried me into Dawna's car.  She took me to the ER and the rest is history.  The strange thing is that they sent me home with crutches and not a wheel chair, which was on the absurd side, since both feet were inoperable.  When I got home my 6'10" basketball player neighbor picked me up, carried me into the house, and set me in my rolling desk chair which was my mode of movement for the next twelve days until I finally got a wheel chair.  All of the stuff with doctors and insurance was a comedy of errors and craziness, which I won't bother with here.  Just know that my feet are both healing.  I can stand on my right foot for a few moments at a time, and I'm getting around quite well in my wheel chair.  The pain is still pretty intense, but I manage that with pain killers.  

But in the meantime I'm painting up a storm.  I'm not a painter, I'm simply expressing my inner experience with  paint on paper, and it is a sweet sweet exercise.  And I am meditating, journaling, and healing.  Sweet people have gathered around me to Help me through this.  And what I am seeing is the birth of that community of love and abundance that I saw in my vision just before I fell.  
In my Light Work practice the Light energy that is anchored in the feet chakra is called The Joy of living.  I knew from the instant I became conscious lying on the sidewalk that what had just happened was that  my feet chakra was breaking open to let in The Joy of Living.  I feel it more and more each day.  

Yesterday I was speaking with a lovely friend, Jamie, who is also and energy worker and healer.  She is struggling with monetary woes right now, and I am struggling, of course, with my broken feet.  Before we hung up I told her that I was sending her lots of healing Light energy for her finances.  And she responded that she was sending me lots of healing Light energy for my feet.  Suddenly I saw what that looked like.  Beams of healing energy stretching across the map of the US (she's in NY. I'm in LA).  And then I saw a vision of what the earth will look like when we are all sending healing energy to one another.  It was a gorgeous grid of Light, like a web of healing, criss-crossing the planet.  And I realized that that is what will, or is, shifting humanity up into a new world of peace, abundance, and joy.  
So, my suggestion to you all is to send as much healing Light energy to as  many friends as possible each day, so that we can intensify the Lighted grid.  And also, open your own heart to  the healing Light coming to you from all around the world.    

 With much love, joy, abundance, and great goodwill,