Thursday, November 11, 2010


As I tuned in this morning and connected energetically with all the people around the planet who are co-visioning a new world - a world based on love and caring for one another - I was struck by the enormous power we have in the simplicity of our intentions. I began to think about what I hold onto in my life that is contrary to a world based on love and caring. And some of those things, most of them, are masked in what I have in the past considered love and caring. I realized that the way I love my son, which is profoundly, is hindered by old patterns that we created when he, who is now 45, was 4 years old. It was that year that I split up with his father. And I felt so guilty for taking his father away from him that patterns of resentment and guilt were set up, not only in my consciousness, but also in his. And from that moment on, as much as we loved each other, these old patterns continued to inform all of our communication, no matter how much we have tried to overcome them. Both my son and I are lifelong meditators and lightworkers, and yet, we continue to hold onto the blame, resentment, and guilt because these patterns are so old that we, or at least I, couldn't see them clearly. It was if I were seeing them through "a glass darkly," or like shadows, buried in a kind of sentimentality that pretends to be true emotion. So, for my part today, on 11:11 when a million or more people around the world are linking our hearts and minds and spirits to create, through our intentions, a healthy new world, I make it my intention to let go of all resentment, blame and guilt I have in my personal relationships and replace those old patterns with pure love. Love that is not conditional. Love that is not sentimental. Love that has no expectations. No agenda. Just love.

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  1. Barbara, this is especially powerful post as we head into the holiday season. How did we seem to get so separated from the unity and love these seasons are meant to offer? Is it the commercial-ism? Is it the pressure to still be a child .... or the authority parent? Love is all there is. Love. Jeannine