Sunday, February 27, 2011


This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. It truly is. It may seem like everything is falling to pieces. And yes, it is. But in the center of the chaos is the burgeoning new world consciousness. This is the time we have been waiting for, dreaming of. We are finally, actually crossing over the threshold into the new era - the era of Goodwill, Joy, and Abundance for all. The demonstrations in the streets will succeed – are succeeding. The collective human consciousness is lifting into a higher vibration – the vibration of universal LOVE. Love with all those capital letters. Not romantic love, but the love that created the universe and drives it constantly. The love that includes All. All people. All living beings. All planets. All stars. We are part of this oneness, and we have reached a moment in our evolutionary progress that allows us to expand into the vast Love, and experience it in our own small, but not insignificant lives.
The collective consciousness of humanity has been vibrating at the frequency of fear for a very long time. With the higher vibration of love shaking the old fear based culture to its core and causing what seems like chaos, it is easy to cling more desperately to the old fear based cultural norm. But it won’t help. It will only make the fear grow stronger. And by resisting the natural shift up into the higher vibration of Love, Goodwill, Joy, and Abundance for ALL – by clinging to the belief that things must be put back the way they were – will cause nothing but unhappiness, depression, and in the most extreme cases mental breakdown.
The antidote for this is to surrender to Love. And surrender to the ride of a lifetime. Or more correctly, lifetimes. There has never been a time like this before. So, trusting that all will shift up into the high frequency of Love is almost impossible to believe. Because to believe it, we must let go of what past experience has taught us, and find a place deep in our hearts that knows that this is the truth.
It’s not easy to write this; because I also have past experience that tells me that it can’t be happening. That I can't let go of the wounds that have driven my life up to this point in time. But I am guided to write this by a deep inner knowing that comes from a place outside of normal life experience. And that is where we all must go to connect to the beauty of this shift up into the new vibration of love.
The way to connect to this vibration of love is to meditate daily, so that you can begin to experience the vibration of love and not fear.
I recommend doing a meditation that includes infusing yourself with the LIGHT. The Light is the carrier of Divine intelligence that emanates from the Divine LOVE. Therefore, by infusing yourself with the LIGHT, you are infusing yourself with the Divine LOVE, and at the same time being taught by the LIGHT how to become the LOVE. You are naturally a Being of Light. It is through meditating with the light that you become more and more aware of it.
I have recorded a video that is now on YouTube in which I guide a WHITE LIGHT MEDITATION that you can incorporate into your daily life to help you surf the giant waves of this chaotic and exciting time and become more and more at peace with the shift. Here is the link.

I wish for you, that you may have an open heart to be able to receive the goodness that is pouring forth from our Divine Universe, and discover your own magnificent inner LIGHT and LOVE.


  1. Barbara,
    Nice to see you blogging. Good luck with it. I've just started myself,
    But I haven't really told anyone about it yet. I see you've got a bunch of followers-- sometime maybe you can explain how that works.
    take care.
    kenn amdahl

  2. Dear Barbara,

    What a magnificent blog! Thank you! I just finished an on line teleseminar with Ariel Ford and Claire Zammit entitled, The Ultimate Soulmate Summit which stressed becoming the love you wish to receive and see in the world. That really is it, isn't it! With your permission, I want to play your White Light Meditation for my upcoming "Wise Women Gathering" on 3/19.

    Much love to you,

  3. Yes, Patricia,
    Please share the White Light Meditation for you gathering. We are the LOVE. And we are the LIGHT. Have a great gathering of Wise Women.

  4. Hey, Lovelight-sounds like a great name for a theatre company.
    Love your blog!

  5. Hi Barbara ...
    BEST WISHES from Cape Cod ...
    It-s lovely to see and read your blog ...
    and belated Happy Birthday. ...
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