Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Messages from the Divine Mother Earth

The Divine Mother has asked me to share some of the messages that she speaks to me with you, because She wants you to know how much She loves you. Who is the Divine Mother, you ask? Ahh, my darlings, She is the Spirit, the Essence, the Emanation, of our magnificent Earth. And you, me, and all of us, are Her beloved children.

What She wants me to share with you today is that you, Her beloved child, brings your own unique expression of Her to the mosaic, the fabric that makes up our current, past, and future world. And She wants you to know that She is here to help you express your gifts in the most beautiful and powerful ways possible. She says all Her children are an interwoven network that we call humanity, but She simply calls Her family.

She has told me that in Prehistoric times we all spoke with Her constantly in our daily lives. We knew She was our Mother, and we didn't go out to hunt, or to gather, or to prepare food, or to weave a basket, or to partake of a meal without first asking for Her blessing. And unlike in later times when we built huge statues to the gods that we looked up to in awe, we instead made tiny likenesses of Her that we carried with us out into the fields, or set next to us while we cooked. The men carried these tiny replicas of Her in their pouches when they went out to hunt, or to find flint, or make arrows.

I have spent a lot of time talking to Our Divine Mother since I first met Her in England in an ancient stone circle in 1990. What I learned early on was that it is quite a bit different than talking to the traditional male God. It's easier, more gentle, and just downright friendly. She doesn't judge us. She doesn't punish us. She knows how difficult it is to be human and to evolve into kinder more loving and more peaceful people. From Her, I have learned deep levels of compassion, healing, creativity, and about the natural abundance that she has for us all.

In the beginning when I attempted to pray to her like I prayed to the Father God, I failed to make a connection. But after many attempts, I finally found that the pathway to Her was through my heart. I was trying to conceptualize Her in my brain and ask for Her blessing. I tried to hear her answers to my prayers with my ears. But I got nothing. Soon I began to realize that She was guiding me gently into my heart, and it was there that I finally made the love connection - deep in my own heart. We feel her, rather than see Her. We hear Her messages, not with words in our ears or brains, but through a language that I can only describe as pure love in our hearts.

The easiest way to feel the connection is, of course, in Nature. Just lie down on Her mossy stream bank, and listen to Her bubbling water dancing over Her smooth rocks, and feel the moisture of Her luscious air surrounding you. Then you will experience Her Love so very sweetly.

She wants you, and all of her Children, to have the richness and abundance of all Her goodness. She will teach us how to bring this about, if we just open our hearts to Her wisdom. She has lived through all the great catastrophes of history (Herstory). She can take us with Her safely through our current crisis. She promises me that we can use our brain power and her heart wisdom to develop all the sustainable technology that is necessary to create a new society of peace and love and abundance for us all.

Like any truly good mother, She shares equally with all of her children, and she makes sure the home is warm and welcoming. Trust Her. Listen to Her through your Heart, and do whatever tasks She has given you to help the family blossom and thrive.

Blessed be.


  1. Absolutely lovely Barbara. THANK YOU. So after with all of this message.


    1. Hello, Louise. Thank you. She never ceases to amaze me, our Mother. I don't understand your second sentence. Hugs.