Monday, March 23, 2020

And thus it begins...the great awakening - love from Barbara Wilder

Here we are in the midst of the first ever complete and total world crisis. And there is no war. What's going on? It's so weird that our logical minds simply can't grasp it. And, of course, when something so unusual and so dramatic happens that disrupts every part of normal life, the first place most of us go to is fear, or denial. Some of us, those of us who have been on the front lines doing the inner work for many years in preparation for this time are less fearful, and some even gleeful. But that does not mean that the fear or the denial and the anxiety aren't real.
And even I, who have been on the task force for forty-five years, had no idea that it would present itself as a virus named Covid19 or any other name, for that matter.

I'm writing this on March 22, 2020, and things are so fluid and moving so fast, that it's anybody's guess what will be happening on March 23 or beyond, because we are in the most powerful place in spiritual growth and development that there is, the "UNKNOWN." And the amazing thing is that we are doing it physically apart from each other, but spiritually together. In our isolation we are being guided to go deeper into our own unique psyches and strip away the masks and costumes that we have been wearing in the old normal world, so that we can discover and begin to grow into our true selves - our Sovereign selves, who will be able to come out of  sheltering in place as more complete human beings, who know our own true nature, both remarkable and flawed. Humbled a bit, more compassionate, and more ready to take our part in the co-creation of the New Culture. A culture that is based on loving, caring, and sharing.

It's hard to believe, but it's true. This is the beginning of the great awakening of humanity. I'm sure there will be setbacks and glitlches in our new inner software, but this is what is happening. And the quicker we can embrace this new truth, the faster it will come into being.

My sense is that we will be in this sheltering in place state until enough of us let go of our fears, and open our hearts to our own light and our own sovereign power.  

We have lived in a top-down culture that is based on exclusion, domination, fear, and the belief that there is not enough to go around for far too long. And that kind of cruel and heartless culture can no longer survive. Thus, we are being taken out of the culture for this period of time, how ever long that will be. And though there is the fear of the virus itself, the greater fear is about our livelihoods. And because we are so used to having to work slavishly to support ourselves and our families, we can't believe that we will be able to survive this kind of stoppage of the normal way we are taken care of. Because, and this is especially true for in the U.S., no one really takes care of us. We are mired in the good old American work ethic that says you must pull your own weight. If you can't then you aren't working hard enough, you're lazy, you're not as good as those who know how to work this untenable, loveless system.

Well, interestingly, the government is finding itself having to step up and take measures to take care of us during this event. And this has happened over the span of less than ten days. No taxes have to be paid until July. Some amount of money ($1000 or more) is being sent to every American. There are rules being put in place for mortgages and rents and other bills to be halted for the time being. And more. It's a miracle if you stop and think about it.

I tend to believe this is the Divine Feminine energy rising up from the depths of Mother Earth, bringing forth this incredible moment of transformation. This moment of stopping, and taking stock. Allowing HER to take the reigns and guide us - giving us the luxury of time. 

Time to reconsider our lives. Who we are, and what we are meant to be doing on our glorious planet. Our beautiful Mother Earth seems to be healing faster than any could imagine in just the short time we have been staying indoors. The pollution levels dropped to even zero in some places. The dolphins, swans and fish have returned to the Venice canals in Italy. And more good news about our Mother Earth is emerging daily.

I was talking to a friend today who works at a small company that is now working from home and have daily meetings online. Each member of the team was asked to open the daily meetings with something inspiring - a poem, a meditation, a song. Well, the first day, the head of accounting had the task of opening the meeting. And it turns out she used to be a drummer, so she dusted off some special kind of drum and played it brilliantly, moving the whole team almost to tears. And she began to cry, because she had not played for over two years. The next day, a young man, who worked in admin, and who had been a musician played and sang one of his own songs that spoke to the heart of this current crisis with such artistry that once again the others were moved to tears, as was he.

These talented people's music and voices are needed in our world. But how can they share their true talents when every moment in their lives must be focused on making  living in a culture doesn't support it's people?

The Divine Mother Energy is coming forth and giving us this time to open to our own inner knowing and connect with what our actual part is in the creation of this new culture that will work with so much less stress, and so much more love, compassion and caring.

I'm not saying that only artists are needed to co-create this new world, but I'm saying that we are all immensely creative, and we each have a touch of genius a spark of creation within that, given this time of sitting in the powerful unknown has the opportunity to spring up out of us like the new shoots of Spring that are shooting up throughout the northern hemisphere.

We are being given a reprieve from the soul crushing culture to open up to the powerful messages that each one of our own Spirits and the Greater Spirit of the humanity as a whole are speaking to us.

Once we settle into the strangeness of being with ourselves and our small family units, we will find the open space between our thoughts, where the voice of Spirit can come through. And who knows what will come through for you, for me, for each of us. But my feeling is that it will be far beyond anything we have dreamed of.

Of, course, as many of you already know, one of the major shifts will be in the flow of money in the world. And as I speak of in my book Money is Love: Reconnecting to the Sacred Origins of Money, the fear-based energy that drives money in our current culture will change to a love-based energy. How that will happen is part of the unknown. But it is definitely part of the what is in the process of happening. This I do know. The only thing that makes money seem scarce in our current culture is the false belief that there isn't enough to go around. Take some deep breaths, and feel into what a world where the money flows without the constraints of that lie will feel like. A world where loving one another and having compassion for one another is paramount. This is what we are seeing signs of everywhere in these past couple of weeks.

Imagine this new world and what it is that your spirit is guiding you to bring forth.
We each hold a sacred and even mystical piece of the mosaic that is the New Culture. During this time be aware of that. But don't try to make it happen. The trick is to let it happen as you spend time, relaxing, resting, praying, singing, dancing, meditating, and caring for yourself and others in our beloved family of humanity.


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