Friday, March 3, 2023

We're All Just Walking Each Other Home



I was talking with a new student this week about how we are all learning from each other now. And that we, who are here to bring in the New Awakening, are in the process of deconstructing the old hierarchical structure of leaders and followers and Gurus and Devotees. That we are all friends and each of us has lessons we have learned that we can share. And I thought about Ram Dass saying, “We’re all just walking each other home.”


I remember the first time I heard him say that my heart opened up and was filled with warmth and joyfulness. And the picture that came to mind was all of us walking out of this life into the next. I think this was probably because I knew he wasn’t going to be living in his current body much longer. 

 But, yesterday, when I thought about us all walking each other home a new vision arose in my heart mind of what home is. 

 Not someplace beyond this earth and this body, but right here, right now, inside our own hearts. And when we move into our hearts more we find a new sense of safety and peace and joy, and we begin to be able to support others to move into their own hearts.

 And it is in this meeting of hearts that we will, and probably already are, creating a new heart-centered paradigm. 

I envision it like a sea of open hearts flowing like the ocean – rolling, cresting, swirling, flowing in joy together. No fear, just hearts beating together with Mother Earth and Mother Ocean and we are all part of it all. 

 Then the barriers melt away into the Heart ocean and competition becomes impossible to hold on to. Fear melts away. Love flows between all with ease. Dis-ease becomes ease and lack is incomprehensible. 

Power is only the Power of Love. It is and always has been and always will be the only power. 

 Of course, the voice of our old paradigm brains challenge this. 

 What will we do without conflict, without competition, without striving, without having the ideas of fame and money to motivate us? Without stress and winning and losing? Without having more than others to make us feel successful?

 One way to quell the brain’s old paradigm need for striving and fearing and winning and losing is one breath at a time.


Practice with me.  


Just close your eyes. Let all the breath out and then breathe gently and deeply into your heart with a smile on your face (real or fake- either is ok). And as you breathe, just think of breathing in love. And on the outbreath, breathe out whatever bubbles up that is not love. 

Envision love being held in sparkling pods of Pale Pink Light, or any color(s) that you perceive. 

After a few minutes feel your heart opening up and welcoming other hearts to join you and your heart. This will be very subtle at first. But when you continue to do the exercise for just a few minutes every day it will get stronger and stronger. 

 Just keep it your intention to heal your own heart and open to other healing hearts.

 You won’t know who’s hearts you’re connecting with, because this is all done through the power of love and the light that holds the love is protecting you as you do this simple exercise. 

 You don’t have to form groups to do this. Don’t even try to connect with specific people. This is all done simply by your Higher Self and other Higher Selves who are on your inner radar. All with whom you are walking home into the ocean of our hearts.

 This is already happening in the world. I know because I have seen it. And, of course, not everyone is going to be doing this. But all that matters is that all who are here on the planet to do this will do it. And the Oceans of Love that are created will help bring forth the new awakening of Love. 

 I am opening my heart to all of you with this little story. Breathe in and feel it. 

 With so much love, light, and joyfulness.


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